Preventive Dentistry

Cavity Management Celebrates Twenty Years of Proven Success

What if you didn’t need to get fillings for your cavities? Instead of drilling into your irreplaceable tooth enamel, you could identify cavities when they first started to develop and take preventive measures to not just stop the cavities from developing, but reverse their progression so the body’s natural mechanisms could repair […]

Problems with Piecemeal Dentistry

Most dentists offer what might be known as piecemeal dentistry. In this dental approach, a dentist looks at your teeth one by one, looking for problems. Then, when they find a problem, they fix it.

Although this is a standard approach to dentistry, it’s not our preferred approach. That’s because it can lead to several […]

Baby Boomers and Dentistry: Three ways to achieve and maintain dental health as we age

Baby boomers are generally defined as people born between 1946 and 1964 in the post WWII era. About 77 million Americans were born in this time period, making it significantly larger than the generations preceding or following it. Due to the number of aging boomers, about 10,000 are reaching retirement age every day! As Americans […]

Having More Teeth Later in Life Reduces Your Dementia Risk

Many of us look forward to growing old–having the time and freedom to do what we want and live as we want. But there’s a shadow that hangs over our glowing dreams for our golden years: dementia. Dementia can make it hard, if not impossible, to enjoy the years we have left.

But now a […]

Poll Reveals Middle-Aged Americans Are Having Difficulty with Oral Health

According to a new poll, many middle-aged Americans are experiencing oral health problems, partly because of a lack of access to preventive dentistry and partly because of their attitudes toward care.

The good news is that many of these problems can be easily overcome. However, some of the challenges are not as easy […]