Smile Gallery

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Daja came to us for a new dental home and wanted to see what options she had to close gaps and straighten her teeth. She was using smile direct and wasn’t happy with the results she received. She opted for porcelain on her upper teeth for instant ortho and the fix she wanted.


Chandler and his parents came to us because they were concerned with the extreme wear on his teeth at such a young age and feared his future of losing them. They were told his only option was to wear guards on his upper and lower teeth 24/7, and because of his gagging they did not feel this was an option for him. After finding his ideal jaw position we were able to restore his teeth with porcelain for the best heath and cosmetic results. Chandlers procedures were all done digitally with no impressions! He and his parents are thrilled with the results and love his “million-dollar smile”!


Lisa was tired of having emergency dental care. She felt as though her teeth needed a new foundation of health to work properly and also wanted straight teeth without braces. We were able to give her the straight, healthy smile she was looking for with porcelain.


Mary was unhappy with her teeth and felt that her mouth has gone “down hill” in the last several years. She had cracked teeth and broken crowns. She wanted to know what her cosmetic options were, and also what the best option for overall longevity and health of her teeth. Mary chose to balance her bite with an orthotic followed by porcelain restorations to support her bite. She was so happy to get a beautiful smile that will last.


Mary wanted a smile make over. She wanted to have a straight, white smile but one that also looked natural. After having braces twice she was not interested in trying that again. After a few short weeks she had the smile she dreamed of.