Smile Gallery

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Mary was unhappy with her teeth and felt that her mouth has gone “down hill” in the last several years. She had cracked teeth and broken crowns. She wanted to know what her cosmetic options were, and also what the best option for overall longevity and health of her teeth. Mary chose to balance her bite with an orthotic followed by porcelain restorations to support her bite. She was so happy to get a beautiful smile that will last.


Mary wanted a smile make over. She wanted to have a straight, white smile but one that also looked natural. After having braces twice she was not interested in trying that again. After a few short weeks she had the smile she dreamed of.


Kevin experienced jaw pain, headaches, difficulty chewing, and felt that his “bite was off”. He wanted options to address those symptoms and have a plan for as cosmetics change as well. He decided on TMJ appliance therapy followed by porcelain to complete his plan. He is very happy with the results.


Scott had an accident and broke his front tooth, he came to us for a permanent cosmetic solution. He had porcelain done on front teeth for a cosmetic solution and back teeth for his overall oral health. He is very pleased with the results.


Paul wanted a natural looking smile that was uniform in shape and color. He was also concerned his teeth were deteriorating and they were not healthy as they could be. Paul had porcelain restorations on his front teeth, he now has the smile he was looking for.