Smile Gallery

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Arman has been a patient for several years and wanted to update his smile. He wanted a well functioning, natural looking smile that will last. He decided on porcelain for his upper teeth. He is so happy that he plans on doing the lower teeth as well.


Amanda came to us with chipped and discolored bonding on her front 6 teeth. Over the years she felt as though her gums were constantly inflamed and were now causing pain and discomfort. After a virtual consult, Amanda came to the office and decided on a plan for porcelain. She is so happy with her results and can’t stop smiling.


Tom was interested in cosmetics and sleep options. He wanted a symmetric and natural looking smile that will last. After limited orthodontics he chose porcelain to complete his smile makeover and chose to protect it with a sleep appliance.


Cathy wanted a comfortable bite, a beautiful smile, and she wanted it done, “yesterday”. She was able to get her new smile in a few short weeks and she hasn’t stopped smiling since.


Ed wanted options for improved cosmetics and function. He wanted a natural looking smile without too much of a change. Ed decided on porcelain for his upper teeth and is very happy with his results.