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Mary Ann

Mary Ann - Patient Before & After

Mary Ann was inspired to bid for the smile makeover because she knew and trusted Dr. Haddad as both a patient and a personal friend and was ready to put herself first after raising five children.
“My children are happy, healthy and successful. As an empty nester, I decided it was time to put myself on the list. Ask me if I’m happy? I’m ecstatic! I should have done this a long time ago!”


Tammy - Dentist Patient Before & After

Tammy Schultz, a patient of Doolin Haddad Advanced Dentistry for nearly 20 years, was motivated to get a smile makeover because of ongoing issues that were jeopardizing her dental health.
“My teeth are strong and healthy now and I no longer worry about problems with my teeth. It’s like I’m starting from ground zero with my teeth and my new smile. I just feel like I have a healthy life now!”


Tom K.

Tom knew his teeth were worn down, but not until Dr. Haddad showed what a difference his smile and bite could make in his facial appearance did he consider having his teeth restored. Most people are unaware how important their teeth and bite are in properly supporting the muscles of the faces. If we lose this support, we start to look a lot older than we really are. After determining his proper bite with a sophisticated computer analysis, we were able to give him back his smile and overall appearance that he had decades ago!



Sandy had been going to her dentist every 6 months for the past 40 years, and was never told that this type of dentistry even existed! Every year she would have 1 crown done or a filling and after many years, she was left with an unsightly smile with different shapes, colors, and old-style dental work. Look at her now! When Dr. Haddad addressed her entire smile with porcelain veneers, he gave her the proper shaped and colored teeth that exudes health and beauty. Sandy says her only regret is that she had not found our office sooner!


Missy had always clenched her teeth at night giving her jaw tension and morning headaches.  She had a history of a TMJ disorder and breaking teeth throughout her life.  Missy had worn a bite guard while she slept for over 10 years, but her headaches, jaw tension, and the clicking in her joints continued to worsen over the years.  By using computerized jaw tracking to find her comfortable bite and jaw position, her TMJ symptoms disappeared!  Missy then chose to have Full Mouth Reconstruction to permanently restore her teeth to the proper shape, size, and bite, giving her back her youthful smile and appearance. Now she is enjoying a pain-free life and her new gorgeous smile!