Smile Gallery

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Brett was unhappy with his smile after orthodontic treatment. He wanted a symmetrical, natural looking smile. He was able to get the smile he was looking for with porcelain on his upper 10 teeth. Brett is extremely happy with the results and he can, “now smile again”!


Monica came to our office wanting a smile makeover. She was not interested in traditional orthodontics, she wanted to have a straight and healthy smile as soon as possible. We were able to achieve her goal with instant orthodontics, by using a combination of porcelain veneers and bridges. She was able to have the smile of her dreams in less than 6 months.


Jim wanted a long-term plan to keep his teeth for the rest of his life. He had an unbalanced bite that was causing bone loss and broken teeth. He chose to correct his jaw posture with a neuromuscular orthotic followed by all-ceramic restorations to support the corrected jaw posture. Jim now has an attractive as well as a functional smile.


Erin has been unhappy with the size and shape of her teeth for several years. She was finally ready for a permanent change. She decided on porcelain restorations to improve her smile.


Kathy had an accident over the weekend and broke three of her front teeth. We were able to repair and enhance her smile with porcelain in just a few short visits. She was thrilled with her results and can’t stop smiling.