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Betsey Before and After

Betsy wanted a whiter, wider smile that was strong and will last. She also experienced headaches, neck pain and ear ringing. She used a neuromuscular orthotic to reduce and control her symptoms and then finalized her smile with porcelain to achieve her cosmetic wishes.


Dale Before and After

Dale suffered from vertigo and ringing of the ears for years. He used an orthotic to reduce his symptoms and wanted to feel good permanently. He decided on full mouth porcelain for a long term solution.


Clare was interested in having our office be her dental home and also wanted to make cosmetic changes to her front tooth. She had previous trauma about 20 years ago and wanted to improve the look of the older dental work. She had minimal porcelain work done and she is VERY happy with the result.


Shannon used to have beautiful teeth until she was hit it the face with a softball. As a result of the accident she had 6 broken teeth that were “bonded” by her family dentist. She was very unhappy with the results and came to us to get her smile back. After deciding on porcelain for a permanent solution Shannon is now smiling again!


Heather came to us because she was unhappy with her front teeth. She didn’t like the color, size, or shape. Her goal was a whiter natural looking smile. She was able to achieve her goal in a few short visits.

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