patient of Dr. Haddad shows off her cosmetic smile

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re not totally in love with your smile, that’s okay. With cosmetic dentistry, we can transform your flaws and create a beautiful smile that brings you confidence.

female patient of Dr. Haddad shows off the benefits of general dentistry

Preventative Dentistry

Achieving and maintaining good oral health is essential for a beautiful smile and good overall health. Our preventive and general dentistry options make good oral health easy to achieve.

sleep apnea patient smiles over the benefits of CPAP alternatives

Sleep Apnea/TMJ

Untreated sleep apnea and untreated TMJ disorders can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Let us help you achieve pain and symptom-free life again with our different treatments.

female patient with a reconstructed smile

Reconstructive Dentistry

When your oral health suffers, you might feel like there are no options left. With reconstructive dentistry, we can replace teeth and restore strength, function, and beauty to your smile again.