When you are considering your options for a dentist in the Detroit area, it’s important to take into account that dentist’s continuing education.

Dentistry is an extremely complex and evolving field. Dentists learn a great deal of information in dental school, and prove their knowledge as part of their initial licensing board exams. However, it’s important for dentists to make sure they are retaining their knowledge and keeping up-to-date with the new developments in dentistry. That’s why all dentists are required to take a certain amount of continuing education, but many dentists distinguish themselves through the amount and character of their continuing education.

Treading Water or Sailing to New Horizons?

When considering a dentist, it’s important to know whether your dentist is just treading water when it comes to continuing education. Their attitude is that they are already dentists, and that they just want to stay dentists, so that’s why they’re taking continuing education. They take about the minimum amount of continuing education, largely refreshers in fields that they already know and utilize regularly. Continuing education helps these dentists maintain the quality of their care.

Other dentists see continuing education as a way to explore new horizons in dentistry with the goal of improving and expanding the quality of care they can provide. These dentists tend to take more continuing education credits than the minimum requirement. The continuing education courses they seek out help them learn new approaches, ideas, and technologies. These dentists are constantly adding more services to their practice, and improving the way they perform the procedures that are already a part of their practice.

Overall, the practice itself is dynamic, evolving as dentistry evolves. You won’t get a sense that you stepped into a dentist’s office that has been lost to time since the dentist passed his board exam. You will always have a sense that your dentist is contemporary.

Continuing Education Expands Our Practice

All of our doctors and team are committed to constantly educating ourselves so that we can offer the highest quality care to all our patients.

Dr. Jeffrey Haddad has achieved Fellowship status at the Las Vegas Institute for the comprehensive nature of his continued education. He has trained in the treatment of sleep apnea as well as TMJ. In addition, he serves as a clinical consultant for The Dental Advisor, testing the latest dental products and materials, which helps him remain at the forefront of dental practice.

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