Michigan TMJ Haddad Event
Michigan TMJ Haddad Event
Michigan TMJ Haddad Event
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Meet Neuromuscular Dentist and Educator

Dr. Jeff Haddad

Patients worldwide suffer from painful and debilitating TMJ symptoms that many doctors don’t know how to alleviate. Dr. Haddad is a neuromuscular dentist from Michigan who wanted to help more people than only those in his community. This passion for helping people and neuromuscular dentistry led him to become an influential educator, teaching others how to give the gift of TMJ disorder relief to their patients.

While each focus of dentistry is important, neuromuscular dentistry corrects an issue that causes a host of whole-body problems. Neuromuscular dentistry aims to find harmony between the jaw, teeth, and other muscles and structures in your body. The jaw is a powerful muscle with enough force to pull your temporomandibular joint out of place. When your jaw joint is out of place, you could experience pain in your jaw, head, neck, ears, and shoulders, vertigo, and an overall muted life. After treatment, patients can live their life to the fullest.

Dr. Haddad has spoken at Myotronics, ICCMO (International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics), IAPA (International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics), and various study clubs like Oakland Dental. Doctors and organizations around the nation book Dr. Haddad so their doctors can learn the invaluable information he has to share so everyone has the opportunity to find TMJ disorder relief.

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