Why You Might Need a Dental Crown

Dental crowns, also known dental caps, are very versatile restorations that are used in many situations where you will benefit from an entirely new visible surface to your tooth. This includes when:

  • A tooth is weakened by decay
  • A tooth is cracked by trauma
  • You need a root canal procedure
  • Instant orthodontics requires significant tooth reshaping
  • You are supporting a dental bridge
  • You are getting a dental implant
  • TMJ treatment requires adjusting your bite

A tooth that has been weakened by decay is vulnerable to further damage. In order to prevent excessive destruction of the tooth, a crown is used to protect it. If your tooth is infected, a root canal will remove the infected tissue, but a dental crown is necessary to protect it. Porcelain veneers are normally used in instant orthodontics, but if a tooth needs to be significantly reshaped because it is greatly out of alignment or the tooth was initially too small, a dental crown will provide more strength. Dental bridges and dental implants are both ways to support fully functional and highly attractive tooth replacements, and both rely on dental crowns. Dental crowns placed over natural teeth supports a replacement tooth in a dental bridge, while dental crowns are set on top of a dental implant to complete the restoration. If we are adjusting your bite as part of a TMJ procedure, we will first use a bite splint to obtain results with a reversible procedure, but if you like the results but don’t like the splint, we can use dental crowns to build up your teeth.


The Dental Crown Procedure

Porcelain crowns fit over the tooth to preserve its integrity and lengthen its life. The procedure

  • Your cosmetic dentist first removes any decay or damaged areas of the tooth.
  • He then makes a mold of the remaining tooth structure from which the crown will be created.
  • The porcelain crown is fitted over your remaining tooth, and adjusted until both you and your dentist are satisfied with it.
  • It’s then permanently bonded to your tooth, giving it a complete new surface.

If you have any porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns that have started to show their metal lining as a black streak near the gumline, you could consider replacing them with all-porcelain crowns. In just 2 – 3 visits, weakened teeth can be restored with the reinforcement of our artistic porcelain crowns.

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