People with dental anxiety should know that sedation dentistry can help them have a more relaxed dental visit. However, did you know that sedation dentistry can do far more than help with anxiety? It’s true. Sedation dentistry helps people who have difficulty getting numb, have a strong gag reflex, can’t sit still during a dental procedure, and many more issues that make it hard to get the dental care they need. Some studies even suggest that sedation dentistry can improve healing after dental treatment. 

The Detroit sedation dentists at Rochester Advanced Dentistry can help you understand and appreciate all the things that sedation dentistry can do for you. 

1. Anti-Anxiety

Of course, the main benefit of sedation dentistry is that it does counter dental anxiety. With oral minimal sedation, you aren’t asleep. You’re fully awake during your dental procedure, but you are less concerned about the treatment taking place. 

Even with minimal dental sedation, your Detroit sedation dentists can offer several levels of treatment. You can get the amount of sedation that fits your level of dental anxiety. 

2. Overcoming Anxiety

For many people, dental anxiety creates a destructive cycle. However, a Detroit sedation dentist can help you break free from the cycle and overcome your anxiety. 

Dental anxiety can lead people to avoid getting preventative dental care. Avoiding dental care leads to needing more invasive and expensive dental procedures, which leads to more anxiety. 

Using sedation dentistry to get the care you need can help you break the cycle. You’ll get the preventative dental care you need, which can reduce or eliminate the need for invasive procedures, which makes the dentist’s office seem less scary. Your fear of dentists will diminish, so you can rely less and less on sedation. Eventually, you might not need it at all. 

3. Get Numb More Easily

Sedation dentistry can help people who have difficulty getting numb at the dentist’s office. Often this is linked to dental anxiety. You might not feel anxious or think of it as anxiety, but your heart rate might increase when you enter a dental office. This low-level anxiety can make your body process anesthesia more quickly, making it harder to get and stay numb. 

Sedation dentistry eliminates your dental anxiety so that you can be more relaxed and give the anesthetic time to work without interference from the body’s attempts to remove it. 

4. Avoid Gagging

Another way dental anxiety might show up without you feeling anxious is in a heightened gag reflex. Some people just have a stronger gag reflex. It might cause difficulty in brushing your teeth or even just eating. Other people, though, find that their gag reflex gets stronger when they visit the dentist. 

Whether you have a strong gag reflex all the time or it just manifests at the dentist, sedation dentistry can help calm your gag reflex, making it easier and more comfortable to get dental treatment. 

5. Sit Still Comfortably During Treatment

Do you find it difficult to sit still during dental treatment? Do you tense up in the dental chair, then end up feeling sore that night or the next day? If either of these sentences describes your experience in the dental chair, sedation dentistry can help. Both of these effects might be related to your dental anxiety. 

Sedation dentistry can make it easier to sit still in the dental chair. You’ll be relaxed and comfortable, and you won’t spend your entire dental appointment shifting around or clenching all your muscles. You won’t just be more comfortable; it will be easier for your Detroit cosmetic dentist to work, so your procedure will go faster.

6. More Procedures with Fewer Visits

Being fidgety or tense in the dental chair can make it hard to sit through long dental procedures like a smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction. This means that complex dental treatments must be broken up into shorter segments, which means more dental visits. More dental visits can be inconvenient; they mean getting more time off from work and more time spent traveling to and from appointments. 

Sedation dentistry makes it easier to sit through long dental procedures. You’re just more comfortable, and the time seems to fly by. This means your Detroit cosmetic dentist can get your dental treatments done with fewer appointments, and you can enjoy your beautiful new smile faster. 

7. Improved Healing

New research has taught us another benefit of sedation dentistry: better healing. In one study of sedation dentistry and gum grafting procedures, people who got sedation dentistry healed faster than those who didn’t get sedation. After 14 days, 48% of people who got sedation reached a key healing stage, compared to only 35% of those who didn’t get sedation. 

Researchers speculate that this is because stress hormones can interfere with the healing process. Getting these hormones under control makes it easier for the body to get down to the serious task of healing. 

Enjoy All the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Detroit

You don’t have to be an anxious dental patient to benefit from sedation dentistry. If you are considering sedation dentistry, the Detroit sedation dentists at Rochester Advanced Dentistry can help. They are DOCS certified in the safe and effective use of oral conscious sedation. 

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