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Dentures Rochester, MI

We have all heard of dentures – they’re those removable teeth replacements, or “false teeth” designed to improve smiles without sacrificing eating, speaking and chewing abilities. In the past, they have carried a negative stigma, mainly because they were bulky, difficult to get used to, and were often too obvious. At Rochester Advanced Dentistry in Rochester, MI, we do dentures in an up-to-date fashion and put to rest the notion that they are only for aging people.

Our dentures are custom crafted to fit as seamlessly as possible into your mouth for a very natural enamel replacement. Choose from a complete set, which replace all teeth, or a partial set, which replace a portion of natural teeth. With today’s materials, design technology, craftsmanship and placement techniques, dentures can look, feel and function very similar to regular teeth. Though there will be some suggestions on foods to avoid, you’ll be amazed at the difference!

Though you can expect a period of adjustment, our reconstructive dentistry team will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure you are completely happy with your new smile. Your dentist will also go over careful cleaning instructions with you to extend the life and impact of your smile enhancement.

SMILE BIG with custom dentures from Rochester Advanced Dentistry. Find out how complete or partial dentures can help you improve your smile and your dental health.

How to Care for Your Dentures

  • Clean regularly and avoid abrasive toothpastes
  • For front teeth dentures, do not bite directly into hard/crunchy foods – use your back molars
  • Contact Doolin Haddad immediately if damage occurs such as chipping or breaking
  • Soak and clean overnight for maximum cleaning and to prevent drying out
  • Schedule regular check-ups to make sure they are in top condition
  • Be careful handling them – they should not be dropped

Want to see how dentures can dramatically improve your smile? Visit the Rochester Advanced Dentistry Before & After Gallery.

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Rochester Advanced Dentistry helps people in Rochester, Rochester Hills, Troy, and Oakland, Macomb and Shelby Townships enhance their smiles with modern denture technology. Call (248) 656-2020 or email our experienced dental makeover team today for your personal smile evaluation.

Dentures in Rochester, MI