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At Rochester Advanced Dentistry, we believe in giving patients a comfortable and stress-free dental experience in a relaxing environment. Our neuromuscular, reconstructive, and cosmetic dentistry team constantly strives to surpass the current standards of care in dentistry, because we know you deserve it. We will listen to your concerns and will deliver honest, straightforward answers. The health and appearance of your smile is our number one priority. Let us help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

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When you visit Rochester Advanced Dentistry, you will meet one-on-one with our New Patient Coordinator and one of our doctors to discuss your goals and explore different treatment options. Dr. Haddad has extensive continuing education under his belt, including graduating from the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) where he acquired the knowledge and techniques needed to deliver beyond exceptional results for every patient and problem.

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Say Goodbye to Jaw Pain and Headaches

If you wake up with headaches and jaw pain and hear clicking or popping sounds when you open or close your mouth, you might have a TMJ disorder. TMJ disorders occur when the bite is unbalanced where the lower and upper jaws meet. The imbalance then causes strain on the surrounding tissue that can result in painful symptoms such as headaches, jaw pain, and neck pain.

Dr. Haddad will use advanced technology and sophisticated computer analysis to diagnose TMJ, track jaw muscle activity, and plan your treatment. With a neuromuscular approach, he will use a variety of treatment measures to establish the bite in the correct position.

We consider surgery as the very last resort for treating TMJ. Most TMJ disorders can effectively be treated using physical therapy, custom fabricated TMJ appliances, TENS electrical stimulation, cosmetic dentistry, and possible physical therapy.

Within a few weeks after starting your TMJ treatment, you will notice an improvement in symptoms. After completing treatment, you can look forward to living pain-free!

Take Years Off Your Appearance

You can achieve a youthful appearance by simply visiting your neuromuscular dentist in Rochester. The non-surgical facelift is the perfect treatment plan for patients who feel unhappy with the appearance of their smile and signs of aging.

The non-surgical facelift improves both the appearance of teeth and a facial appearance by using neuromuscular dentistry to identify the most optimal jaw position to support the lower third of your face. Then, using a combination of treatments, we will rebuild your teeth back to their youthful proportions and enhance their appearance. The end result will better support your facial structure and reduce the signs of aging.

Yes! If your teeth no longer look like they did in your youth and you have wrinkles around your mouth and/or sagging skin on your jaw, you’re likely a good candidate for a non-surgical facelift.

Patients can expect to see results after just one procedure! Schedule a consultation with our neuromuscular dentist at (248) 656-2020 to learn more about your treatment options.
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Patient Transformations

“My life is so much better…I never knew that fixing my bite was the solution to the symptoms that I was experiencing. Now I feel like I want to smile.”

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