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Patient Spotlight: Lori Blaker Wins Business for Peace Award

Lori Blaker won the Business for Peace Award, commonly called the Nobel Prize for business. The award ceremony will be held on May 16 in Oslo, Norway. She is CEO of TTi Global, a business based in Bloomfield Hills that does, staffing, recruiting, and consulting for businesses with over 2000 workers on five continents. But she sees her work as more than that–she tries to make sure that the businesses she works with are doing good for their communities.

Lori Blaker Wins Business for Peace Award

Making a Difference Where It’s Needed

Lori champions inclusion and gender equality as core values of TTI Global. She brings these values to communities in the US and abroad, even in communities traditionally hostile to women’s rights. For example, she is being recognized for opening an automotive service center and school-to-work training center in Kabul, Afghanistan, that teaches job skills to both women and men. She created a special training program for women to learn management skills in an industry that would traditionally ban them. Talking about the impact of the job center to the Detroit Free Press, Lori said, “A hungry man is a desperate man. A hungry man is a dangerous man. And the plight of women there, in Afghanistan? In order to get aid, the government had to make rape illegal and punishable as a crime. Until then, nobody thought twice.”

Other international efforts include a general job training center in a rural area outside of Bangalore, India.

She believes so strongly in her commitment that she opens her home to women from around the globe. They come to live at her home in Metamora, and shadow her during her daily work.

Validation of Her Personal Efforts and Achievement

Lori is partly dedicated to this cause because of her own experiences trying to make it in the automotive industry in the US during the 1980s.

She married very young and had her first child at age 21 and wasn’t able to finish her college degree. When she found herself divorced with four children to support, she helped her father, who had worked as an aerospace engineer, build his business developing service manuals for automotive computers. He did the technical writing, and she did the typing. “I used a lot of correction tape,” she jokes.

As the computers grew more sophisticated, they expanded their offerings to include training programs, and that is where Lori excelled. Then her father died suddenly in 1992, and she became the CEO of the company. She expanded to company to offer overseas training in 1994.

As she worked to build the business, she was faced with discrimination and hostility. She remembers when she got her first large contract. As she came out of the client’s office, she heard one of a group of men say, “Look at her. She just one a contract, and we all know how she got that one.” It was heartbreaking, because she knew that all the work she had done to win the contract had been dismissed out of hand. And that was just one example of the treatment she received, which included belittling comments, groping, and more.

She says, “Do I watch out for other women in the industry? D*** right, I do. It’s our obligation.” She knows that women often depend on the support of other women for success. That’s in part because she knows how much she leaned on her mother and older sister for help with the kids when she was working.

She feels that this award is an endorsement that her efforts haven’t just been good for business (TTi has grown 100-fold since she took control, with $82.7 million in revenue in 2016), but good for the communities she works with.

An Inspiration for Us All

In the years we have enjoyed Lori’s company at our practice, we have known how special she was. We always like to see her and marvel at her dynamism, energy, and commitment. This is not the first recognition of her efforts, and we know it won’t be her last. We look forward to seeing her continued achievements in the US and around the world.

Patient Spotlight: Susan Randall, Chapter Leader, Healthy Traditions Network

Patient Spotlight: Susan Randall, Chapter Leader, Healthy Traditions NetworkIf you are searching to learn more about the farm-to-table lifestyle to create health and vibrancy for you and your family, Healthy Traditions Network might be the right resource for you.

Healthy Traditions Network, the Metro-Detroit Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, was founded with the belief that each individual is responsible for building their own good health.  The Network’s goal is to support those trying to create better health through education and by improving dietary practices.

The Network is all about teaching people how to eat healthy and make their own nutrient-dense foods at home.  They connect consumers to holistic practitioners, organic farmers, and sustainable food producers.

The people involved with the Network are varied.  The volunteer Leadership Team and followers come to the Network – aged 18 to 85 – because they have had enough of an unhealthy lifestyle, and what the Network offers piques their interest.

The Network is a non-profit, run by volunteers who are passionate about teaching health through nutrition.  They host monthly food demonstrations and presentations by functional practitioners, with topics ranging from making fermented or cultured food to how to prepare meals for babies and children.

Susan Randall puts it plainly, “the food you eat can make you chronically ill or it can make you well; it all depends on your choices.”  She should know as she overcame 25 autoimmune diseases through diet changes and supplements.

Join, donate, participate & learn at:


Facebook group: HTN-The Metro Detroit Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation

Phone: (248) 828-8494


Patient Spotlight: Brad, Making Your Coffee Smarter with VitaPerk

Lifestyle Brand

For many Americans, coffee is an everyday ritual for helping you get up, get out the door, and get to work. But if you’ve ever looked at your cup of coffee and wished it could do more than help you get going, you’re not alone. Our patient Brad–who’s been with us since 2016 after finding us through the Community Lifestyles Magazine–and the people at VitaPerk also had this wish, and they decided to do something about it. They developed the world’s first “Nutrient Coffee Enhancer.”

What the Heck Is a Nutrient Coffee Enhancer?

Brad VitaPerkBrad doesn’t take it personally that you don’t know exactly what this is. As a pioneer, he’s used to having to explain.

VitaPerk is a powdered energy and nutrition boost that can be easily added to any cup of coffee. It contains 15 different nutrients, including a boosted dose of vitamin B6 and B12. It also includes guarana, a natural plant-based stimulant that can help you get a little more perk from your daily cuppa.

VitaPerk comes in three flavors: original (does it count as a flavor if it’s flavorless?), vanilla, and hazelnut. The original flavor has zero calories, and zero flavor. It’s not like that waitress who always adds more coffee just after you get the mix perfect–you can enjoy your java just the way you like it.

The flavored varieties are a better choice for flavoring your coffee than those creamers and syrups. They add just 5 Calories to your coffee as well as all the bonus nutrients.

The Best Part of Starting Up

Although Brad and his colleagues love the opportunity to work with coffee–they’re all aficionados who find that their habits have only deepened since starting the company–that’s not the best part of being in a startup.

No, the best part is taking an idea and turning it into a product that is not just something people buy, it’s something they love. They love getting phone calls, emails, and reviews from people who have tried VitaPerk and found how much it’s improved their daily routine. The reward of being a positive influence in so many people’s lives is worth all the hard work, ups, and downs that makes start-ups such a challenge.

We have to say that we’re happy for this product, too. We love that it has so many vitamins that are essential for oral health, including vitamin C, folate, and, of course, vitamin D. Vitamin D is especially crucial because it helps our body process and utilize calcium. Although our bodies can produce vitamin D with sunlight exposure, people in Detroit are often vitamin D deficient (because we’re often sunlight deficient in the winter!)

VitaPerk Family

Local Boy Made Good

Brad lives in Rochester Hills with his wife Kim and their two children Kailey and Kiera. He enjoys outdoor activities like running marathons, skiing, and travel, but he’s also a big fan of TVs and movies. He has a DVR full of programs and films he hasn’t had a chance to watch because he’s been so busy getting VitaPerk started.

Now that the product is out and doing so well, we hope he has time to sit down and enjoy some of those shows, hopefully with a cup of joe.

Patient Spotlight: Sarah

Our patient Sarah

Meet our patient Sarah, owner of “Little Honey Prints” in Oakland Township, Michigan.  Originally from Ohio, Sarah earned her degree from Bowling Green State University then moved to Michigan in 2005.

Sarah’s artistic touch and creativity combined with her love for graphic design fueled her desire to create a virtual store where shoppers can combine their ideas with Sarah’s expertise to create a truly unique product.

As a mother of three, Sarah quickly realized how creating custom designs for birthday parties, graduations, weddings and other lifetime events, can add enriching personalization to make the event even more unique and memorable.

Little Honey Prints is a one stop shop for popular items such as Banners, Birthday items, Wedding invitations, Digital design downloads, Character props and Customized vinyl tumblers, all tailored to very specific and unique ideas.  Make your child’s first day of school picture memorable with a personalized Chalkboard poster or make her first birthday cake smash photo unique by adding a high chair banner featuring his or her favorite colors.  Whatever the occasion, make it extra special by visiting Little Honey Prints Personalized Invitations, Prints and Unique Party Decor by LittleHoneyPrints for all your custom graphic design desires.

Sarah takes pride in her excellent rating on Etsy and all the great comments shared by thousands of followers and delighted customers and looks forward to sharing her experience with you.   Little Honey Prints can also be found on Facebook at Little Honey Prints by Sarah.

Little Honey Prints

Patient Spotlight: Ben Jones

Ben Jones is a patient at Rochester Advanced Dentistry as well as a famous figure in the bowling and family entertainment center (FEC) industry. In a career that’s spanned 40 years, Jones has transitioned from freestyle skiing to bank loan evaluator, but no matter what industry he’s in, he’s always been considered a leader.

Ben Jones smiling on the front of Bowling Industry magazine

From Freestyle Skiing to Family Entertainment

In the mid 1970s, Jones helped originate the sport of freestyle skiing. He was one of 40 or 50 individuals in the world who were participating in the sport, and they pioneered the sector of the skiing industry. Although Jones participated in the 1975 finals of the World Freestyle skiing championship, there wasn’t much money in the sport, so, like many of the other pioneers, Jones entered a related industry.

In Jones’ case, this was the hotel industry, where he was doing reasonably well when he became interested in mini golf. A piece of property became available next to his hotel, and he began investigating the mini golf industry. He did his due diligence, sitting in parking lots and observing the business that mini golf centers were doing. When he had learned how to make a successful go of it, Jones developed the property into a mini golf course and it turned out to be a great success.

Consulting, Conferences, and Business Loans

As he was operating his first mini golf course, Jones worked to design others, as well as helping to design entertainment centers.

He started talking about customer service at other people’s courses, and was sometimes asked to speak to the staff. At first he was just helping out, but it began to be such a demanded service that he decided to make it into a business and founded Recreation and Entertainment Consultants (REC).

As this consulting business took off, he joined the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). He developed many connections through them, and under their auspices he put on the first FEC conference that was oriented toward experienced managers. Then he developed his own conference called F2FEC that focused on specific themes in a large group setting.

Then he was approached by a friend about Live Oak banks, which was seeking to develop niche financing divisions, including a division oriented toward loans to FECs. After showing that he truly understood the industry with a state of the industry prospectus and a tour of various FECs, Jones was tapped to be the face of this loan program.

He now helps FECs understand what their business needs to do to become finance-able. This helps them escape the trap that many face: they are local institutions and are unable to expand because all their financing is local. He also advises the bank on which businesses are good investments and should be granted a loan.

At Rochester Advanced Dentistry, we are happy to have Jones at our practice and we always enjoy the visits of this skilled raconteur and successful businessman.

Patient Spotlight: Lauren Yacteen

We like to occasionally highlight one of our patients who have local businesses on our website and Facebook page. Today’s Patient Spotlight is about Lauren Yacteen…

Patient Spotlight: Lauren Yacteen

 Lauren Yacteen and her family

Lauren (right) and her family

I’m from Ohio but have called Rochester MI my home for the past 24 years. I am a registered nurse and work at Beaumont hospital in Maternal Child Health (Labor & Delivery and NICU). That is where this business was born out of necessity you could say.

My coworkers and I would not take long enough breaks to go the cafeteria for lunches and dinners so therefore we brought food from home to work. I would bring my homemade hummus and fattoush salad and they fell in love with them. My nurse and doctor friends encouraged me to bring it to work and sell it. So I did and it took off. I leased a space, built a commercial kitchen and prepare and package everything myself.

Bekka Valley Hummus

My company, Bekka Valley, was born right in the labor and delivery department at Beaumont hospital! My husband and kids help out and they are so supportive. Bekka Valley is named after the region in Lebanon where our family is from. A beautiful area between the mountains where the soil is rich and fertile.

Married to my hubby and love of my life, Hamoudy, for 25 years. I have 4 children ages 21,19,16 &13 who all help out at Bekka Valley in various roles from helping cook, package, and deliver goods to manning the farmers market booths. I continue to work at Beaumont a couple of shifts a month because i love it so much but I work 5-7 days a week at my commercial kitchen.

You can check out our website at Bekka Valley Mediterranean Foods ( for further info on our company, where you can purchase products or order. We also cater events and lunches. you can like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram.

We were recently featured on WXYZ news Mom’s a Genius” segment with JoAnne Purtan. Click here to view, or watch below!

Patient Spotlight: Coscarelli Photography

At Rochester Advanced Dentistry, we believe very strongly that all our patients are really our family. And like any family, we want to bring everyone a little closer, and maybe a brag a little bit about the achievements of some of our members — they make us so happy and proud.

This week, we want to introduce Neil and Carie Coscarelli of Coscarelli Photography.

High School Sweethearts to Life-Long Romantics

Neil and Carie started dating in 1996 at the tender age of 14. While many of us can’t even remember the names of our high school flames, Neil and Carie found true love. They were married in a beautiful June wedding in 2004 on a little island in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

As a young married couple, they moved to the Detroit Metro Area in 2006, and joined the Kensington Community Church. Alone in a new city, they joined a young married group at the church and found it more than a social group–it deepened their appreciation of love and especially marriage.

Since joining that small group, they have been studying marriage as one of the most important and beautiful aspects of life. When two people commit their lives to one another, it’s an impossibly romantic statement against all the potential disasters in life. And from that blessed union come so many other beautiful aspects of a relationship: the deepening enrichment of love with time, the creation of a family, and the endless riches that are children.

Following a Passion for Photography

Carie has always had a passion for photography. She studies Photographic Imaging at Lansing Community College, and began taking on side photographic projects, with Neil’s help. Neil encouraged her to pursue her dreams, so in 2009 they founded Coscarelli Photography.

With a mediocre day job in insurance and a true passion in photography that was turning into a viable business, Carie felt God was encouraging her to leave her day job and pursue her passion. She was also encouraged in her calling by Neil and friends who supported her decision to pursue an extraordinary life as a photographer.

Coscarelli Photography does a full range of professional photographs for all occasions, such as engagements, family portraits, graduating seniors, professional portraits, real estate, and corporate photography. But, of course, their true passion is wedding photography, and they feel blessed whenever they are able to take part in this loving, joyful occasion.

Follow Your Passion

As dentists who are passionate about our calling, we can definitely recognize the drive that Carie feels and appreciate the support that Neil and others have given her. We encourage people to pursue their own passions, and to always work with passionate professionals whose craft and care comes not just from their hands, but from their heart as well.

If you are looking for a passionate dentist in Rochester, we invite you to visit our office. Please call (248) 656-2020 for an appointment at Rochester Advanced Dentistry.

Meet Ally

Wanderlust Boutique opened its doors to the public in October 2013 to the charming community of Rochester, Michigan. Co-owners Ally and Denise Martin are a mother /daughter team with a dream of owning and operating a whimsical fashion boutique offering unique and trendy fashions for women and men at affordable prices. They feel that their variety of inventory provides their customers with a complete ensemble for a one stop shopping experience. Wanderlust forms respectful relationships with their customers, getting to know their personal styles to ensure their fashions meet the needs of their customers.

Wanderlust Boutique Address: 404 S Main St, Rochester, MI 48307 Phone: (248) 652-3300

Meet Scott

Meet our patient Scott, who recently launched a new business called Pure Food Company. His first product is a plant-based, all-natural protein powder called Pure Food Probiotic Protein. Here are three reasons Scott says his product is better than any protein powder on the market!

1. The Ingredients. 100% raw, organic, vegan, real food ingredients. No highly processed fillers, GMOs, “natural flavors,” artificial sweeteners, corn, soy, dairy, etc. 20 grams of clean, organic plant protein (brown rice, pea, and hemp). It’s the cleanest, healthiest protein powder you’ll find.

2. The Probiotic. The first and only vegan probiotic of its kind with FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status. This patented strain survives stomach acid (94% of probiotics do not), is backed by 17 clinical studies, and can help support a healthy gut and immune system.

3. The Impact. Pure Food Company five meals to hungry families in need for every bag sold through their partnership with Feeding America and Forgotten Harvest.

Scott’s giving away free recipes and health tips for anyone who subscribes to his website.

Scott grew up in Rochester and went to Brewster Elementary, Van Hoosen Middle School, Rochester Adams High School, and Michigan State University. He currently lives in Rochester Hills with his wife of 6 years Julie and their 10-month old baby boy, Matthew. Scott's been a patient at Doolin-Haddad for over 25 years.

Visit the Pure Food Company Website:

Meet Bob

 Please take a moment and visit our patient Bob's KICKSTARTER site and learn about his Michigan start-up company BRITEDROPS!

With a lot of anticipation, I announce to you the launch of our 45 day KICKSTARTER crowd funding campaign for my new Michigan start-up company BRITEDROPS! We are launching a unique line of decorative lighting products for the home. It is a fun and low cost consumer product that instantly decorates the open light bulb fixtures in your garages, basements, hallways and closets. They install in seconds without any tools!

By clicking this link: KICKSTARTER-BRITEDROPS CAMPAIGN you will enjoy:

–          My Video where I explain the BriteDrops product line.

–          The Story, Pictures and Goals of our project.

–          The Rewards (1st generation BriteDrops products) you can purchase with a donation.

–          A Comment section where you can give us feedback.

You can also LIKE us on Facebook at


This KICKSTARTER campaign is our first market test! It only will last until August 27 so please visit when you can. We want to know what you think.

If you like it, you can really help us by spreading the word.

–           Forward our Link to your friends and colleagues who may enjoy this launch! Anyone can watch our 45 day campaign unfold and read our updates along the way.

Our goal is to invite several thousand people from around the world to visit our KICKSTARTER site. This will give us the best feedback on our products.

Meet Jacqueline

Meet our patient Jacqueline, an independent travel consultant for Kingdom Magic Vacations. Jacqueline moved here from Ohio over 15 years ago. She is happily married and has two wonderful children.  Since she and her family love traveling and she already had an extensive background in sales and a degree in communications she decided to open her own independent travel business.   In 2014, after living in Italy for 2 years, she joined forces with Kingdom Magic Vacations. 

  Many destinations that most people want to visit she has experienced first hand.  The important aspect of travel is to become fully immersed in the enjoyment of the trip and not be concerned about anything. When you book with Jacqueline you know you have a consultant who can assist you before, during and after your trip. In addition Kingdom Magic Vacations has phone assistance in the event that she is not personally available – their professional team will ensure that any concern is resolved quickly.


If you are considering Disney, Universal, Sandals/Beaches, the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii or cruising she is available and excited to help you.  Please contact her and tell her your dreams and desires. She will then work hard to match up your expectations with the best the travel industry has to offer!




Disney just released the free dining plan special – here are the details. If you are interested call or email me and I can give you more information.

Get a Free dining plan when you purchase a non-discounted 6-night/7-day Magic Your Way package that includes a room at a select Disney Resort hotel and tickets with Park Hopper or Water Park Fun & More Option.
Book by July 10, 2015.
Offer valid at select Disney Resort hotels for the following arrival dates:
August 28 – October 2, 2015
October 25 – October 31, 2015
November 8 – November 19, 2015
December 15 – December 21, 2015


Meet Michelle

Meet the Watterworth family!  Eric, Michelle, Lexi and Nikki have been patients at Doolin Haddad since they moved to the Lake Orion area over 15 years ago.  Michelle and Eric adopted their twin daughters in 2004.  Ever since that time, Michelle felt a need to give back to organizations supportive of adoption.  One such organization is Crossroads Pregnancy Center.   Michelle joined Crossroads Pregnancy Center (CPC) as their Board Treasurer in 2005, and has been serving on CPCs board since that time.

In 1984, a group of fifteen men and women committed themselves to the establishment of a pregnancy resource center to serve women and their unborn children in Rochester, Michigan. Now known as Crossroads Pregnancy Center, CPC has grown in vision and ministry over the years. Their first location was in a building right across the street from where Doolin and Haddad are today!

CPC offers pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, prenatal healthcare and fetal development information, adoption referrals, and materials assistance all free of charge.  Currently, the fastest growing part of CPC’s ministry is theAbstinence Education program for which Crossroads does over 100 presentations per month in both public and private schools in Southeast Michigan.

CPC’s upcoming major event is their Annual Benefit Banquet.  The Royal Park Hotel will be the venue on Friday, March 6th as over 700 people join CPC in celebrating life.  We welcome you to join us for dinner and a fabulous program highlighting Brad and Jesi Smith and their eye-opening journey of having a daughter with a Trisomy 18 diagnosis. We do not charge for this event, but do hope that all those that participate will join us in supporting Crossroads.  For more information about this event or Crossroads Pregnancy center, please see the event information below or visit


Please Be Our Guest

At The 31st Annual

Crossroads Pregnancy Center

Benefit Banquet

Friday, March 6, 2015

Royal Park Hotel

600 East University Drive

Rochester, MI 48307

Seating 6:30 p.m.

Dinner and Program 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Brad and Jesi Smith, Guest Speakers
“Fighting For Our Faith”
Featuring the Smith’s eye-opening journey with
their daughter Faith. Prior to Faith’s birth, the
Smith’s pro-life views were strengthened as they were
pressured to abort due to an ultrasound prognosis of a
chromosomal abnormality. After her birth, the Smiths
had to advocate for Faith’s treatment and fight for
her life. These battles resulted in a successful fight to
change the law in Michigan concerning full disclosure
of hospitals’ medical futility policies.
Crossroads does not charge for this event, but please
understand that this is our most important fundraiser
of the year. We ask that you please come, and may
God bless you for your support of Crossroads.
Reservations are required.
RSVP online at
“Benefit Banquet Registration.” Table sponsors and
individual reservations will be accepted from
Jan 5-Feb 19. Ages 18 and up are welcome to attend.
For questions, please contact Charlotte at or call 248-293-0070 x107

Meet Laura Haddad

​I started going to Dr.Doolin and Dr. Haddad in 2006 when i needed some dental work done and also wanted to have my teeth whitened for my upcoming wedding (to Dr. Haddad’s cousin,Eric). I love the comforts of the office, the welcoming staff, and that coffee is always a few steps away. When it was time to take our kids for their checkups, the choice was obvious. Katie was more like a long time friend than our dental hygienist. We knew our son and daughter were in good hands with her, Dr. Haddad and the rest of the staff.
While I work full time as a speech pathologist in Chippewa valley, I was looking for a way to bring in residual income for some extras in life. After using Rodan + Fields for a few short months with impressive results, I decided to become a consultant.Rodan + Fields was founded in 2002, Originally available only at high-end department stores. Now as a direct sales company, prescription for change is available to everyone. From wrinkles, fine lines, and hyper pigmentation to rosacea, acne, and scars, Rodan+ fields has a product to fit the needs of everyone, all with a 60 day money back guarantee. Their products have been featured in allure, Elle, In Style, Self, the Today show and Ellen, just to name a few.

If you’re interested in learning more about the products and what’s right for you, try our solution tool.

If you’re looking for extra income and flexible hours, feel free to contact me

Meet Mary

Mary and her husband Scott have been patients at Rochester Advanced Dentistry for three years.  They came to the practice wanting a family-oriented dental office, especially one that works well with children.  Mary has two children, who were not fond of the dentist.  The staff and doctors were so kind and gentle that now her children feel it is a treat visiting the office.  Last month, her son asked “Miss Val” to join him for hot chocolate from the Kuerig machine in the waiting room! (She kindly declined.)

Mary was a stay-at-home mom until a few years ago when she launched her part-time jewelry business with Silpada Designs.  Silpada allows her to contribute to her family’s budget and still be available at home when needed.  She loves the balance of being able to work when she wants and be home for her family.  Silpada jewelry has been in business for 16 years.  It is hand-crafted, high quality .925 sterling silver.  Also has a life-time guarantee. Women who know Silpada, LOVE Silpada.  Mary has met so many wonderful women with her business and has so many great relationships because of Silpada.  She loves what it has to offer women in all situations.

If you need a quick holiday gift or would like to earn the jewelry for free by hosting a casual ladies’ night, feel free to contact her.  Free jewlery is the best way to get your favorite pieces while having fun.  If you too are looking for extra income and flexibility, Silpada offers that as well!  Fee free to contact her for any jewelry and business inquires.

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