Migraine headaches are a common symptom of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD), a condition in which a misaligned bite causes dysfunction of the jaw joints. Anyone who’s ever experienced a migraine headache knows that the pain can be extremely debilitating and disruptive.

While any doctor may be able to prescribe medication to lighten or eliminate the pain of migraine headaches, medication is a temporary solution designed to control the symptom instead of finding and eliminating the cause.

At Rochester Advanced Dentistry, our neuromuscular dentistry team has done substantial work in the areas of research, diagnosis, and treatment of TMJ/TMD. In treating  patients for the root cause of their headaches (neuromuscular dysfunction), we’ve been able to help many achieve relief from migraine headaches and other symptoms of TMJ/TMD.

If you are experiencing recurring migraine headaches, schedule a personal neuromuscular evaluation with our TMJ/TMD dentistry team.

After a highly technical diagnostic process, your dentist will be able to determine if a link exists between the function of your jaw joints and your migraine headaches. Once a link is established and a thorough diagnosis is made, our neuromuscular team will create a personalized treatment plan to realign your bite and alleviate your TMJ/TMD symptoms.

Treatment for migraine headaches may include the use of functional jaw orthopedics, medication, lifestyle changes, orthodontics or restorative procedures.. Learn more about neuromuscular treatment.

Headache and Migraine Information

You don’t have to live with headaches. Choose a neuromuscular dentistry team trusted by many in Rochester, Rochester Hills, Troy, and Oakland, Macomb and Shelby Townships to deliver accurate diagnosis and treatment. Call (248) 656-2020 or email Rochester Advanced Dentistry today for your personal TMJ/TMD evaluation.