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We coordinate with experienced dental professionals to manage the entire implant process. From scans to the final restoration, we ensure each step is seamlessly facilitated. Our coordination helps prevent miscommunication and streamlines your dental journey. Simplify your dental implant process with our expert coordination.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a tooth replacement option that is designed to be as close to the look and function of your natural teeth as possible. Dental implants:

  • Look natural
  • Function like natural teeth–easily chew all types of food
  • Support themselves–they don’t affect other teeth
  • Support your gums and jawbone
  • Require the same maintenance as natural teeth
  • Can last a lifetime

Dental implants are the most like your natural teeth because they are structured like natural teeth, as you’ll see below. With natural bone and gums around them, and a cosmetic crown, they look just like your natural teeth. And they let you chew food just like natural teeth.

Dental implants don’t have to be removed to clean them. You just brush, floss, and see the dentist regularly. Take care of them properly, and they will likely last for decades–even a lifetime.

Dental Implants
Implant Dentures
Dental Crowns

Anatomy Of A Dental Implant

Dental Implant Examples

Titanium Root
Just like your natural tooth root, this is the part of the implant that bonds to your jawbone. This is usually made of titanium, a metal that bonds with your bone.

The abutment is a connecting piece that links the root to the restoration. It may be made of titanium or ceramic, depending on the design. Not all implants require an abutment.

The restoration is the visible portion of the implant, and it’s usually made of an attractive ceramic that looks just like a natural tooth. The restoration can be a single crown, a bridge replacing several teeth, or even a full denture.

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One Practice For Your Entire Implant

While other practices might require you to visit multiple offices for your dental implants, at Rochester Advanced Dentistry, we facilitate the entire process, coordinating with professionals who place all three parts of the implant. And with the option of sedation dentistry, fearful patients can enjoy the benefits of implants.

The CT Guided Implant Process


3D Scans

Using our cone beam CT scanner, we can create a virtual model of your jawbone anatomy. This shows us everything we need to know: the size and density of bone, the route nerves take through your jaw, and any existing damage that may be a concern.


Surgical Plans

Based on the scans, we plan your surgery in advance. We can optimize the surgical plan to ensure the implant(s) go where there is enough bone to support them, and avoid areas that can cause complications. We translate these plans into a surgical guide.


Efficient Surgery

With our surgical plan already made, we can minimize the time you spend in the chair, ensure precise placement of your implants, and minimize risks so you get the best implant experience and results. Through our collaborative network, implants can often be placed simultaneously as teeth are extracted, if necessary, ensuring a seamless process. Bone grafts may be used to improve the bone around implants.

3D Imaging Improves the Implant Process

We utilize the latest techniques and technologies to ensure our patients have the best experience and best results possible. This includes using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to get 3D images of your jaw before we start surgery.

Two dimensional x-rays often don’t give enough information for implant surgery, and relying on them could lead to problems.

But with 3D imaging, we know the exact shape and density of bone in your jawbone and the location of nerves and other structures that can lead to complications. We can plan your surgery to be successful before you sit down for surgery. We can even know if you need a bone graft to support your dental implants. That way, when you sit down for surgery, the procedure will be quick, predictable, and successful.

Zirconia Full Arch Restoration

If you have lost all your teeth and are looking for an implant denture, we offer advanced zirconia full arch restorations. These restorations combine the beauty of ceramic restorations with unparalleled strength and durability.

The restorations are made of yttrium-stabilized zirconia ceramic, which is an amazingly strong ceramic. The strength of this ceramic approaches 300,000 pounds per square inch! That’s stronger than the titanium implants, and capable of resisting any normal biting and chewing forces. And with neuromuscular dentistry, we can balance the forces on your denture within those limits.

A zirconia full arch restoration looks beautiful, functions great, and lasts a long time.

Our Role in Your Implant Process

Our ability to provide comprehensive dental implant coordination is rooted in our collaboration with exceptional dental professionals.

Dr. Haddad - Dental Implants

Dr. Jeffrey S. Haddad completed Dr. Leo Malin’s comprehensive advanced Implant Continuum in 2010. Since then, he has transitioned to always utilizing the 3D imaging process to ensure the most precise, accurate placement of dental implants. His recognized expertise in this area has made him an in-demand lecturer and teacher for implant dentists.