Cosmetic Dentistry

How Does Old Age Affect Teeth and Oral Health?

Aging can affect our teeth. Our teeth may succumb to changes in color, appearance, and even become loose due to bone loss over time. However, just because you’re becoming older doesn’t mean that your teeth should lose their functionality. With dental care from Rochester Advanced Dentistry, we can help your teeth continue to look [...]

Is a Smile Makeover Beneficial?

You might have spent some time exploring different cosmetic dentistry options only to wonder if a smile makeover is actually beneficial? In short, yes. Smile makeovers offer a lot of benefits not just to your smile but ripple benefits to all areas of your life. At Rochester Advanced Dentistry, we provide our [...]

A Comprehensive Approach to Correcting Large Front Teeth

Many people love the look of large front teeth. This can make your smile look youthful, and it can give your smile an attractive central focus. Especially if people feel their own teeth are too small, they might compliment you on the appearance of your smile. But if you have these large front teeth, you [...]

Plastic Veneers Fail, Ceramic Shines in New Study

With cosmetic dentistry, we can offer you many choices for getting a beautiful smile. This includes giving you a choice of materials to help meet your cosmetic goals. However, not all materials are equal--you might be sacrificing the appearance, durability, and more when you choose certain materials. That’s what a new study [...]

Guide to Taking a Safe & Attractive Selfie

Over the weekend, a woman had to be rushed to the hospital after being attacked by a jaguar at an Arizona zoo. Apparently, she had thought she could get a better selfie by climbing a barrier and getting right up next to the jaguar’s cage. The big cat then decided to attack her through the [...]