Time waits for none of us, and as it marches on, it can sometimes leave its unfortunate footprint on our features. But you don’t have to live with the impact of time’s march. You feel vibrant. You feel youthful. Why shouldn’t you look youthful and vibrant?

The good news is that you have many options for achieving that desired appearance. And while you may consider a surgical facelift to improve your appearance, for many people a nonsurgical facelift is a better option, in part because it has a much shorter, and much easier recovery.

Look Younger Faster and Easier with Nonsurgical Facelift

Less Downtime

Any surgical procedure has downtime. After your surgery, you can’t really do anything but focus on recovery. You have to take time off work and recreational activities, including any kind of strenuous physical exercise.

With a surgical facelift, the minimum recommended downtime is three to five days. And many doctors recommend avoiding going to work for two weeks. Not that you would necessarily want to go to work during this time. The bruising and swelling following a facelift surgery can be extreme, and many people just prefer to hole up at home until these go down, about two weeks after surgery.

But with a nonsurgical dental facelift, there is no requisite downtime. You can go back to work right away, although many people prefer taking the rest of the afternoon off or getting the procedure on a Friday so they have the lower-demand weekend to recover.


Facelift recovery is not easy. In addition to the downtime required, there are many restrictions on what you can do following surgery. You have to stay out of the sun for four weeks to avoid the risk that bruises could turn into permanent skin discoloration. And you have to avoid bathing and swimming for the same length of time, although sponge baths are allowed right away and showers after a week or so. And you have to avoid exercise and sex for four weeks after your surgery, as these can put stress on healing blood vessels.

Failure to follow the restrictions could lead to serious complications, which can put your health, even your life at risk, as well as the quality of your results.

With a nonsurgical facelift, there are essentially no restrictions. Your teeth may be tender the day of the procedure, so a softer diet might be good for a couple of days, but otherwise, you can stick to your normal routine of daily life.


A surgical facelift involves cutting off much of your face and repositioning it. The face is very sensitive, and the brain registers discomfort from this region as more serious than the rest of the body. So, of course, a facelift is going to be accompanied by significant discomfort. People are often prescribed pain relieving medications, with their related risks, after a facelift surgery. The length of the prescription varies from a few days to a week, but often people feel like it’s not enough. And there are restrictions on what over-the-counter medications you can take after surgery, too.

But with a nonsurgical facelift, the discomfort is relatively minor. You’ll experience some soreness for a day or two, but it’s typically controllable with over-the-counter medication. If you’ve ever gotten a dental crown, you know what to expect.

Final Results

But perhaps the most remarkable effect of a nonsurgical facelift is how quickly you can see your results. You’ll see them right away. No waiting.

But with a surgical facelift, results can take a long time to mature. It may take months, even a year for your final results to be apparent.

Looking for a Procedure with Short, Easy Recovery?

So why subject yourself to the protracted, painful recovery from a surgical facelift? A nonsurgical facelift can make a big difference in the appearance of jowls, turkey neck, and wrinkles around the mouth–without surgery. And you’ll get the benefit of a beautiful smile, too.

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