Have you noticed a popping or clicking of your jaw? How about unexplained ringing in your ears? Perhaps you’re suffering from migraines, neck and back pain or other unusual symptoms that seem to have no explanation.

You may be suffering from TMD, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. TMD occurs when your upper and lower jaws become misaligned, forcing your bite out of its natural position. Where general dentistry addresses typical problems associated with your teeth and gums, Neuromuscular Dentistry is specifically used to determine the perfect resting position for your jaw, adjusting your jaw to relieve pain and discomfort.

Despite the fact that TMD is a common condition, diagnosis and treatment requires an expert to perform the delicate and precise jaw alignment necessary to alleviate your symptoms. Because the misalignment of TMD is often difficult to note using traditional methods of observation, experts specializing in Neuromuscular Dentistry use sophisticated diagnostics for the most effective treatment.

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Our Neuromuscular Dentistry Diagnostics Include:

  • Testing the jaw joint
  • Testing the sounds of the jaw joint
  • Recording and analyzing muscle activity
  • Recording and analyzing muscle movements

This refined method of analysis is the basis of your customized treatment plan designed to correct your misaligned bite and end the symptoms causing you pain, with no need for potentially harmful medication.

If you or a loved one is suffering needlessly from the symptoms of TMJ, please contact a neuromuscular dentist in your area. In Rochester, Michigan, please call us at (248) 656-2020 or e-mail Rochester Advanced Dentistry.