Instant Orthodontics is a wonderful example of how the latest dental technology can solve issues that only a few years ago would have remained untreated.

Instant Orthodontics uses porcelain veneers and other advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures to transform a smile that is crooked, uneven or misaligned. Best of all, it takes only a few short visits to the dentist to create the smile of your dreams without the use of braces.

Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin porcelain shells placed on the front surfaces of the teeth for an incredibly natural look and feel that is virtually undetectable. Porcelain veneers can dramatically change your tooth’s length, width, color and shape for a beautifully white and straight smile you never thought possible.

During your consultation with your dentist, an impression is made of your teeth. This impression is sent to the dental lab, where a wax model of your new smile is created. After you and your dentist have approved your new look, the lab creates your porcelain veneers, and your dentist will permanently bond the veneers to your natural teeth.

Your dentist may use a variety of dental technologies to assist in the creation of your new smile, including:

  • IntraOral Camera – a small, pen-like camera that helps the dentist diagnose necessary treatment for each tooth
  • Digital Imaging – See your new smile before the procedure begins!
  • Soft Tissue Laser – Used to recontour your gum line or surgically eliminate gaps between front teeth
  • The Wand – A computer controlled anesthesia device for painless injections

If you’ve spent years suffering from the discomfort and low self esteem that comes with an unattractive smile and wearing braces, consider instant orthodontics. Why not contact Drs. Doolin and Haddad of Rochester Advanced Dentistry today to find out if instant orthodontics is the right solution for you?