I have had headaches since I was a young boy with migraines often ending up in bed for several hours and vomiting. I gradually was personal from these only occasionally experiencing them about once in a four month period.  After hitting the age of 50 they reappeared more often and past my 60’s very often. Into my 70’s I experienced them every day or so. Not just migraines, but cluster headaches also. I first saw an advertisement on TV for the Doolin Haddad headache clinic advertising they have had success with people suffering from headaches. I first went to them in the fall of 2007 and Dr. Haddad worked with me. It has been over a year now and the last few months I have not had prescription medicine only about 6 times a month, which is considerably less than before where I would take medication almost every other day and sometimes every day. I know I will not be completely personal of these headaches but I am quite satisfied with the results from Dr. Haddad.