I know that this seems like a very strange question, but what sounds unlikely is actually very possible. What most people don’t realize is how much your teeth sup- port the surrounding facial and neck muscles. Have you noticed increased creases and wrinkles in your face? Specifically, the creases on the side and below the lips, and in the corners of your mouth can start to become prominent. As we get older, and our teeth get worn down, the area be- tween the nose and the chin starts to shorten in length. The exaggerated version of this is when an older person loses their teeth and takes out their denture and their nose almost touches their chin! They have lost the height and support of their teeth which results in a collapsed bite, loss of facial soft tissue support, and show the cruelty of the aging process. What is truly amazing is when we rebuild these worn-down teeth and restore that facial support. The result is a person that can look 10 years younger, and more importantly, is restored to a higher level of health. Hard to imagine? Please look at Judy’s photos before and after her bite was rebuilt and you will start to understand the important role your teeth can play in the overall support of the jaws, head and neck.