Snoring is caused by an obstruction to your air path. Soft tissue and muscles in your mouth and throat relax while you sleep, making your airway shrink. If your airway gets too small, it creates a vibrating sound when you breathe. The sound created is what you know as snoring.

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Approximately 45% of people suffer from some degree of snoring issues. Roughly 30% of people over age 30, 40% of middle-aged people, and 6% of children are affected by regular snoring. About 25% of the adult population can be described as chronic snorers.

This is much more dangerous than you think. Snorers are three times more likely to get into an auto accident, largely due to sleep deprivation. Furthermore, this problem doesn’t just affect you. Many people lose approximately one hour of sleep each night due to the excessive snoring of their partner. So not only are you going through your daily life lacking sleep, you are also causing the sleep deprivation of those you love.

But more importantly, snoring frequently is a sign that you suffer from sleep apnea, which can be very dangerous to your health if it is not treated.

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