Tooth decay occurs when foods high in sugars and starches, like candy, soda, cake and cereal, are left on the teeth and form acids that create holes, or cavities.

Avoiding Cavities

Bacteria living in the mouth turn these foods into acids. When the acid combines with saliva, a sticky plaque is formed that slowly dissolves the tooth’s enamel and creates holes in our teeth we call cavities.

The best solution is to avoid tooth decay in the first place. A balanced, nutritious diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in starches and sugars, along with a good at-home oral hygiene routine and regular dental visits are excellent preventive measures to avoid cavities. Drinking lots of water and keeping an eye on your snacking habits are also helpful.

When Cavities Occur

Sometimes, cavities occur despite our best efforts to prevent them. Fortunately, Dr. Doolin and Dr. Haddad offer a number of effective, fast and affordable solutions to correct cavities and keep your smile looking its best.


Fillings replace decayed areas of your teeth. Often called ‘restorations,’ tooth colored or porcelain fillings are the main treatment for cavities. Also called inlays or onlays, porcelain fillings provide a more natural appearance, because the filling material blends right in with your natural tooth color for an undetectable restoration. Porcelain is more attractive, more durable, and strengthens the tooth for a perfectly preserved smile. Porcelain fillings last for many years with no special care beyond good oral hygiene habits.


For extensive decay or weakened teeth, a crown, also called a cap, may be your best option. The all porcelain crowns created at Rochester Advanced Dentistry offer durability, function and beauty for a restoration that works as well as it looks.

Root Canal

Inside your tooth root is the root canal, containing the dental pulp, or the veins, arteries and nerves that supply your tooth. When dental decay extends into the pulp, you’ll experience a painful toothache. Sometimes, a toothache seems to go away on its own. But that does not mean the infection has resolved itself. It only means the decay has killed the tooth’s nerve. That’s actually a more serious problem, and a good reason to call us at the first sign of a toothache.

Root canal therapy cleans up the decay, removes all bacteria, and fills the empty root canal with dental filler. In years past, root canals were difficult and painful. With today’s latest dental technology, it’s a simple, painless procedure that can be performed quickly.

Tooth extractions

Severely decayed teeth must be removed. Unfortunately, removing one or more teeth will cause the eventual shift of the remaining teeth, so dental implants may be recommended following extraction.

How Rochester Advanced Dentistry Can Help

The professional dental team at sedation dentistry to help you deal with your anxiety and still receive superb dental care. And if cost is an issue, we offer highly affordable financing options.

At Rochester Advanced Dentistry, we’re committed to your oral health. And with all of these great options and the most advanced dental technology, there’s really no reason not to contact us online or call (248) 656-2020 today to begin your journey towards a more dazzling, youthful smile.

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