Smile Gallery


Bob is a very healthy man who was referred to our practice with some very serious dental health issues. He was being treated for TMD with a Neuromuscular orthotic with success, but wanted to have the ability to eat whole foods and smile again. His history of severe bruxism was going to be a challenge.
After several root canals, surgical crown lengthening, a refined NM posture was recorded and his full mouth, all ceramic restorations and implants were created.


Cathleen was searching for relief from severe tinnitus (ringing in the ears), blockage of the ears, jaw pain, and neck pain, all of which was the result of an undiagnosed TMJ disorder. With TMJ appliance therapy, we rid her of these symptoms that were significantly affecting her quality of life. Cathleen felt so amazing afterwards that she wanted a permanent solution to address her destructive bite which was causing all her original pain. With full mouth reconstruction, we restored Cathleen’s bite giving her proper lip and facial support and giving her the smile of her dreams! She is now pain-free and looks 10 years younger!


Lori was not happy with the way her smile looked because of years of wear. She wanted a solution that could be done rapidly, without too many trips to the dental office, which would be impossible for this dynamic, traveling business woman. We improved her smile with porcelain veneers on her upper teeth. After seeing the results, she returned for the lowers and soon will continue her treatment by rebuilding the bite on her back teeth to restore her jaw posture and give her better function and comfort. Lori’s stepwise approach to her dental restoration has worked well for her busy schedule.


Bryan came to us for options to replace his missing front tooth that he lost in a sledding accident as a child. During his initial consult, we discovered that he had been suffering with daily migraines, sinus headaches, ringing in the ears, ear congestion, and vertigo. After TMJ therapy, orthodontics, and porcelain restorations, Bryan is living life pain-free and finally smiling with confidence! Bryan says that this entire process truly “changed his life” and we are so happy that he found our practice and gave us the opportunity to help him.


Mary came to our office looking for solutions to her popping jaw, vertigo and neck issues, and ringing and congestion in her ears. She knew she had an unstable bite that was contributing to these symptoms and wanted things addressed. After 4 months of TMJ orthotic therapy, Mary was experiencing significant improvement in her symptoms and was thrilled with the way she was feeling. After stabilizing her bite, Mary chose to have her teeth permanently restored to this comfortable jaw position. Not only is she healthier, but she has a gorgeous smile as a bonus!