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Haddad Patient Before and After Dennis

Procedure Performed:  Full Mouth Reconstruction, Porcelain Veneers, TMJ, Corrected Bite, and Smile Makeover
Dennis’ goal was to find out what his long-term options to never have his facial pain return. He had swelling and facial pain so bad that he “couldn’t live like that”. He was able to get relief from his neuromuscular orthotic and now he wanted that relief to be permanent. We completed porcelain for Dennis and he is very happy with the results and the support of his face.


Haddad Patient Before and After Ana

Procedure Performed:  Porcelain Veneers
Ana wanted to save her teeth and “fix what’s broken”. She decided on a smile plan using porcelain. She is very happy with her smile and “feels like she is confident again”.


Procedures Performed:  Porcelain Veneers and Smile Makeover
“Nate has a fear of dentistry and had not been to the dentist in years. He wanted to save his teeth and began a plan to do that. He started with gum treatment and then had porcelain completed. He is happy to be healthy and happy with the look of his smile now!”


smile gallery patient before and after

Cindy wanted to change the look of her smile and had been thing about it for the last few years. She was unhappy with the old bonding, the shape and uneven edges of her teeth which had been changing over the years. She chose porcelain for the upper and lower. “I am extremely pleased with the results that were achieved, I now have a smile that I love!”


smile gallery patient before and after

Diane had been suffering from headaches, jaw pain, an overall pain for years. She had relief form her pain with an orthotic. Her goal is to be healthy and not lose teeth. She chose porcelain restorations to make her relief permanent.

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