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smile gallery patient before and after

Cindy wanted to change the look of her smile and had been thing about it for the last few years. She was unhappy with the old bonding, the shape and uneven edges of her teeth which had been changing over the years. She chose porcelain for the upper and lower. “I am extremely pleased with the results that were achieved, I now have a smile that I love!”


smile gallery patient before and after

Diane had been suffering from headaches, jaw pain, an overall pain for years. She had relief form her pain with an orthotic. Her goal is to be healthy and not lose teeth. She chose porcelain restorations to make her relief permanent.


smile gallery patient before and after

Brett came to see us with a problem on the recommendation from a family member. “I didn’t have trust in my regular dentist to rectify the situation. I’m not one to let things linger, but I really felt I had nowhere to turn.” It was important to him to save his teeth and become as dentally healthy as possible. “For the first time I saw the potential of a brighter dental future. Not only alleviating my urgent condition, but the possibility of a significant smile transformation if that was something I was interested in. Now complete, I am very happy with my results. And more than that I feel incredibly taken care of by the people that I have found new hope and trust in.”


smile gallery patient before and after

Mike wanted to know what cosmetic options were available to update his smile. He also wanted a dental home that would communicate with him. He decided on a smile plan for his front teeth and is very happy with the results.


smile gallery patient before and after

Joe suffered with TMJ symptoms and sever pain for many years. He was able to get relief from a neuromuscular orthotic and wanted to, “keep a good thing going.” He decided to make the position permanent with porcelain.

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