Smile Gallery

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Donnie wanted options to save his teeth, have them function properly, and also wanted them to look good. He was aware of the worn down appearance, cracks, and failing dental work. Once we found the most comfortable jaw posture using a neuromuscular orthotic, porcelain was used to properly restore and support that posture. We were able to give him back the smile he wanted.


Judy was “DESPERATE” to find relief from the daily pain she experienced. She had been to numerous medical and dental professionals, with no help or hope for relief. She had severe TMJ, popping and clicking in her jaw, migraines became part of her everyday life. She knew she was the clenching and grinding away her teeth. She began treatment using a Neuromuscular approach to stabilize her jaw in a corrected posture. After relieving her symptoms, we permanently restored her teeth with natural-looking porcelain restorations. We were able to give Judy the beautiful smile she has always dreamed of.


Anne was concerned with her worn, crowded teeth and wanted to know what she could do to change it. She also experienced muscular tension in her temples and jaws. She decided she wanted to address all these issues. She began treatment with a neuromuscular orthotic for her pain and headaches. Anne felt better almost immediately and was ready to have a permanent solution. After restoring her teeth with porcelain restorations, she realized how much she had been compromising over the years. In a later conversation, Anne told me she loved the way her teeth looked, but she really loved that she could eat again. She elaborated and said she never realized how compromised her eating became because of her teeth. She began eating things she could eat, not things that she wanted to eat. “I had a steak the other day and it was amazing. All I could eat before was soft, easy-to-chew foods like pasta, and I’m a dietitian!”


Derek did not like the stained bonding on his front teeth. He wanted a healthy smile that also looked natural. He chose porcelain for his four front teeth along with a protective appliance. He is very happy with his healthy, white smile.


Holly came to us with failing dental work, vertigo, and TMJ pain. Her goal was to save her teeth for the rest of her life with a plan for the best health and cosmetics. She decided on TMJ appliance therapy and restorations for her plan. After her bite was stabilized with the appliance, she finalized her treatment with full mouth porcelain restorations. She now has achieved her goal, has an amazing smile, and is living pain free!