Smile Gallery


Sandie came to us to discuss what her options would be for veneers after her Invisalign treatment. She instead opted for instant orthodontics to get the immediate gratification she was looking for. Sandie completed her treatment in a just a few weeks and was able to enjoy her smile right away.


Deb came to us with concerns of chipping teeth, old dental work and severe wear that was putting strain on her jaw muscles, causing discomfort and pain. After thorough evaluation she decided that correcting her jaw posture with a neuromuscular orthotic was right for her. After wearing the orthotic to stabilize her jaw and testing to assure she was in a comfortable posture, we reconstructed her bite with porcelain and gave her the attractive smile she was looking for. We think the results are fantastic.


Mark came to our office with advanced dental disease, pain throughout his mouth, and other general health concerns. His condition was affecting his ability to eat healthy foods and he felt very frustrated and didn’t know what could be done. After thorough evaluation and discussion of his possibilities he decided on removing his teeth and replacing them with dental implant supported full-arch bridgework. The change in his smile and facial esthetics are fantastic. The biggest reward for Mark is that he can now eat the healthy foods he was missing and he has lost weight and significantly lowered his blood pressure. His general health has greatly improved and he feels and looks great. We are very proud to have been able to help in Mark’s healthy lifestyle changes.


Anna was experiencing discomfort from failing older dental work and recurrent decay in many of her teeth. She was also very concerned with how her poor oral condition could affect her overall health. After showing her the extent of the problem, she was worried about the prospect of many inconvenient visits to the dentist. We explained how her work could be done in as few visits as possible and would last her the rest of her life. We removed her old restorations and all of the decay. We placed some dental implants and restored everything with bonded all-ceramic crowns and veneers Her new smile is beautiful and she is pain free


Emily had healthy teeth and gums, but was a bit dissatisfied with the way her smile looked. We took a very conservative approach after analyzing her smile photos, deciding on minor gum sculpting and porcelain veneers on only her upper lateral incisors. We also did minor enamel reshaping on a few other front teeth. We love doing very conservative esthetic cases like Emily’s, that give great results with very little time commitment and cost to our patient.