Smile Gallery


Barb - Patient Before & After

Barb came to us with not only headaches, jaw and neck pain but also broken and loose teeth. We began her treatment by using a Neuromuscular approach to stabilize her jaw in a corrected posture. After she was comfortable in her orthotic, we restored her teeth to provide strength and support, along with a beautiful smile using all ceramic restorations.


Sheri - Patient Before & After

Sheri had moderate crowding and misaligned teeth that she wasn’t happy with. We sorted out her arch form with Invisalign Ortho in less than one year, then increased the length and width of her upper teeth with porcelain veneers. Her smile looks great.


Hans - Patient Before & After

Hans is a longtime patient who had severe enamel wear, especially on his front teeth. He wanted to restore his smile in time for his daughter’s wedding, so we were able to plan and finish restoration of his upper arch with all ceramic crowns and veneers. He loves the results!


Jordan - Patient Before & After

Jordan’s profession requires face to face communication with clients on a daily basis. He was always self conscious about the way his front teeth looked and came to our office looking for options. After discussing his specific concerns, Dr.Tironi and Jordan decided on a personalized plan to correct his smile using a combination of in office whitening and porcelain veneers. Jordan is thrilled with the look of his new teeth and is now able to smile with confidence!

Mary Ann

Mary Ann - Patient Before & After

Mary Ann was inspired to bid for the smile makeover because she knew and trusted Dr. Haddad as both a patient and a personal friend and was ready to put herself first after raising five children.
“My children are happy, healthy and successful. As an empty nester, I decided it was time to put myself on the list. Ask me if I’m happy? I’m ecstatic! I should have done this a long time ago!”