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Photos of Eric

Erica was determined to have the most beautiful smile for her upcoming wedding. She knew that her wedding pictures would live on forever and she wanted her smile to be as radiant as the rest of her wedding would be. After sitting down and discussing her goals with Dr. Haddad, we designed the perfect smile to match her complexion and face. Wait until you see her wedding pictures!!


Rebecca had a very pretty smile already, but due to trauma to her right front tooth as a child and relapse of her orthodontic treatment, she was not happy with it anymore. This is an excellent example of very conservative treatment to “enhance” a smile. With Invisalign, we repositioned and straightened her teeth to more ideal smile. And then with a combination of tooth whitening and an all-ceramic crown on her right front tooth, we gave her the gorgeous smile she had always wanted!



Dan came to our office concerned with the severe wear he had on his teeth.  He felt that his smile “looked old and worn down.”  Dan was only 35 years old and due to his severe grinding habit and TMJ Symptoms, his teeth were being destroyed.  With a combination of porcelain veneers and all porcelain crowns, we rebuilt Danny’s teeth and gave him the smile a man his age should have.  Danny now has the confidence to smile again.



Bob came to us searching for a cosmetic solution for his severely worn-down teeth. As you can see, due to severe teeth grinding and older dental work, not only was his smile affected, but so was his entire bite. After showing Bob that his case was as much functional as it was cosmetic, he knew that it was important to address his bite as well as his smile. With neuromuscular dentistry, we determined his proper, comfortable jaw position, and rebuilt all of his teeth. This full mouth reconstruction gave Bob the confidence, and comfort, that he had desired for the past 20 years!


Sandy is a common example of someone who felt that her smile was “aging” her. She had severe wear from years of grinding and discoloration that really took away from her smile. More importantly, as her teeth shortened, her face started to prematurely show more wrinkles and creases in her cheeks and chin. With a full mouth reconstruction, her smile and bite were restored to her original jaw position, we made her look 10 years younger! Not only does she have the beautiful smile she once had, but her face is properly supported giving her a more youthful appearance.