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Sharon came to us for a new dental home and wants her dentistry to last as long as possible and in the best environment. After listening to what she wanted, a plan was developed to balance her destructive bite and finish with all porcelain restorations.


Kristin was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth. She wanted her smile to be white and straight. She was able to achieve her dream smile with porcelain.


Zachary came to us for a cosmetic plan after invisalign. He had old bonding on his front teeth that kept breaking and he did not like the size or the shape of these teeth either. He wanted a natural look and decided on porcelain for his front four teeth.


Susan had older cosmetic work that she was looking to improve upon. She wanted a comprehensive plan for prolonged health and longevity. She also wanted any new dental work to to look natural and be built on the best foundation. She chose to correct her jaw posture with a neuromuscular orthotic followed by all-ceramic restorations to support that corrected posture. She now has a healthy smile she is thrilled with!


Kass came to us for a cosmetic plan and wanted a smile with out spaces. He wasn’t interested in braces and decided on porcelain to achieve his goal. He was able to get the smile he wanted in a just a few short weeks.

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