The Pinhole Surgical Technique

PST, performed using special instruments that gently loosen and reposition gum tissue over exposed roots, is available through our network of dental professionals. This technique can immediately eliminate discomfort caused by exposed tooth roots and greatly improve the appearance of your smile. However, gum tissue needn’t have receded to the point where it is aesthetically displeasing for PST to be performed. Many patients may benefit from this treatment long before obvious signs of recession occur.

During your next appointment, we can discuss this treatment with you in greater detail to help you determine if it is suitable for your needs.

Advantages of Our Receding Gums Treatment

PST does not require any cutting of gum tissue and eliminates the need for sutures following your procedure. What’s more, this technique reduces the risks of bleeding, swelling, and postoperative discomfort that often follow more invasive treatments such as tissue grafting and other surgical procedures.

PST is a wonderful solution for many patients, but it may not be right for all needs. The best way to determine if this noninvasive gum recession treatment is ideal for you is through a one-on-one consultation at our comfortable Rochester office.

To schedule your initial consultation and discuss PST treatment referral options, please e-mail or call us at (248) 656-2020. We welcome patients living throughout Oakland County, Macomb County, and surrounding areas of Michigan.