Periodontal Disease Rochester, MI Periodontal disease is a condition that results in the loss of bone around the teeth. If left untreated it can lead to tooth loss and contribute to numerous health problems including heart disease, preterm low weight babies and stroke.

Causes/ contributing factors of periodontal disease include: -poor oral hygiene –smoking -genetic factors –diabetes -osteoporosis –occlusal diseasefaulty dental restorations

How is periodontal disease diagnosed?

periodontal disease chartA periodontal screening should be conducted at every dental appointment. A documentation of the current status of your teeth and the surrounding structures is noted. We carefully measure the bone support and tissue height around each tooth allowing us to identify any abnormal changes as soon as possible allowing us to intervene and stop any further changes.

Patients may notice bleeding gum tissue, bad breath or loose teeth.

Treatment options for periodontal disease: -More frequent cleanings/ deep cleanings -Laser treatment- -Gum surgery If you would like any additional information about laser cleanings please contact Rochester Advanced Dentistry or call (248) 656-2020 today.