detroit TMJ treatment patient, ElaineElaine came to Rochester Advanced Dentistry with pain in her face as well as decreased functionality in her jaw. Both were causing her constant discomfort to the point where she could no longer imagine the possibility of a pain-free day. On top of that, she was concerned that problems with her jaw could potentially compromise the long-term survival of her teeth and jawbone. Interestingly enough, Elaine was also experiencing trouble sleeping, though she didn’t realize at the time that this issue was connected to the problems with her jaw.

An Advanced Treatment Plan

Dr. Jeffrey S. Haddad was able to use the K7 computerized jaw tracking system to isolate the problem in her bite and formulate a solution. Elaine needed help maintaining a comfortable jaw position that would allow her muscles to rest and function more effectively. In order to address this, we designed an orthotic to protect her teeth and hold her jaw in a healthy position. Upon wearing the appliance, she began to experience relief from many of her TMJ symptoms

As her relief continued, Elaine decided she wanted to move forward with porcelain restorations that would restore her bite to the healthy position maintained by her orthotic. Unfortunately, another health issue intervened, preventing her from receiving her porcelain restorations as quickly as she wanted. However, she continued using the orthotic, enjoying her improved results until she was ready for full mouth reconstruction. 

When her health was in a safe enough state to allow for the procedure to take place, we applied the porcelain restorations. In doing so, we were able to achieve the exact same jaw position as her orthotic, improving both the health and functionality of her smile. Finally, we helped Elaine protect her teeth at night with a sleep appliance. This also stabilized her airway, helping prevent snoring and sleep apnea.

TMJ patient, before and after treatment

Elaine describes her results in her review: “I have comfort in my face and jaw that I never knew would be possible to achieve. I also have the added bonus of improved quality of sleep. Thank you, Rochester Advanced Dentistry, for giving me my quality of life back.”

Start Your Journey to a Healthier Smile

Elaine’s story is just one of many that highlights the compassionate and expert care provided by Dr. Jeffrey S. Haddad and the team at Rochester Advanced Dentistry. If you are experiencing pain in your face and jaw, we encourage you to reach out and begin your pathway to relief. Come by our office today, and let us begin the process of crafting your advanced treatment plan. You can also call us at (248) 656-2020 or use our online contact form.