Patient Spotlight: Susan Randall, Chapter Leader, Healthy Traditions NetworkIf you are searching to learn more about the farm-to-table lifestyle to create health and vibrancy for you and your family, Healthy Traditions Network might be the right resource for you.

Healthy Traditions Network, the Metro-Detroit Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, was founded with the belief that each individual is responsible for building their own good health.  The Network’s goal is to support those trying to create better health through education and by improving dietary practices.

The Network is all about teaching people how to eat healthy and make their own nutrient-dense foods at home.  They connect consumers to holistic practitioners, organic farmers, and sustainable food producers.

The people involved with the Network are varied.  The volunteer Leadership Team and followers come to the Network – aged 18 to 85 – because they have had enough of an unhealthy lifestyle, and what the Network offers piques their interest.

The Network is a non-profit, run by volunteers who are passionate about teaching health through nutrition.  They host monthly food demonstrations and presentations by functional practitioners, with topics ranging from making fermented or cultured food to how to prepare meals for babies and children.

Susan Randall puts it plainly, “the food you eat can make you chronically ill or it can make you well; it all depends on your choices.”  She should know as she overcame 25 autoimmune diseases through diet changes and supplements.

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Facebook group: HTN-The Metro Detroit Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation

Phone: (248) 828-8494