Please take a moment and visit our patient Bob’s KICKSTARTER site and learn about his Michigan start-up company BRITEDROPS!

With a lot of anticipation, I announce to you the launch of our 45 day KICKSTARTER crowd funding campaign for my new Michigan start-up company BRITEDROPS! We are launching a unique line of decorative lighting products for the home. It is a fun and low cost consumer product that instantly decorates the open light bulb fixtures in your garages, basements, hallways and closets. They install in seconds without any tools!

By clicking this link: KICKSTARTER-BRITEDROPS CAMPAIGN you will enjoy:

–          My Video where I explain the BriteDrops product line.

–          The Story, Pictures and Goals of our project.

–          The Rewards (1st generation BriteDrops products) you can purchase with a donation.

–          A Comment section where you can give us feedback.

You can also LIKE us on Facebook at

This KICKSTARTER campaign is our first market test! It only will last until August 27 so please visit when you can. We want to know what you think.

If you like it, you can really help us by spreading the word.

–           Forward our Link to your friends and colleagues who may enjoy this launch! Anyone can watch our 45 day campaign unfold and read our updates along the way.

Our goal is to invite several thousand people from around the world to visit our KICKSTARTER site. This will give us the best feedback on our products.