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MicrO2 Rochester

If you are unhappy with CPAP for your sleep apnea, you may have moved to an oral appliance for greater comfort. But not all oral appliances are the same. It’s important to pick the one that will give you the best experience. For many people, MicrO2 is the most comfortable device available. It’s a smaller device than other oral appliances, which can make it even more comfortable to wear. But even with a smaller device, you might find that you have more tongue space than before. Plus with no mechanical screws or elastics to mess with, it’s probably the easiest oral appliance to adjust.

MicrO2If you want to learn whether MicrO2 is the best snoring and sleep apnea device for you, please call (248) 656-2020 today for an appointment with a Detroit sleep dentist at Rochester Advanced Dentistry.

Benefits of MicrO2

Oral appliances already have many benefits over CPAP. But for many people, MicrO2 offers many more benefits over other snoring and sleep apnea devices. This includes:

  • Lower profile for greater comfort
  • More tongue room
  • Easy adjustment
  • Lip and cheek borders contoured for comfort
  • Digital design and fit improves accuracy and efficiency
  • Highly durable

One of the most important innovations in the development of MicrO2 snoring and sleep apnea device is its compact design. With some oral appliances, you may feel like you have a huge construction in your mouth. The feeling of bulk can make your oral appliance less comfortable. And a taller oral appliance can also contribute to TMJ problems for some people.

The MicrO2 isn’t just shorter, it’s roomier, too. It’s designed not to impinge on the space for your tongue. If you felt that other oral appliances made it hard to find a good place for your tongue, MicrO2 can fix that.

Have you had difficulty managing the screws or elastics on other oral appliances? No worries here, MicrO2 is designed without any mechanical parts or elastics. It’s easy to adjust: just trade out the part you’re wearing for a different one.

Comfort is a big part of the design for this snoring and sleep apnea device. The contoured edges of the device are intended to make it more comfortable for your lips and cheeks.

MicrO2 takes advantage of modern digital CAD/CAM techniques to achieve great fit. Using a digital image, your device is precisely carved to fit you by a robot. This allows for superb fit for your snoring and sleep apnea device. It also has the benefit of allowing for easy replacement of your device.

Not that you’ll likely need to replace it. MicrO2 is designed to be one of the most durable snoring and sleep apnea devices available. With no elastics or mechanical moving parts, there’s less risk that sometime will go wrong. And because it’s made of control-cured PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), it’s very resilient against wear and bite pressures.

MicrO2 Oral Device

MicrO2 Oral Appliance

How MicrO2 Works

The basic function is the same as for other snoring and sleep apnea devices of the mandibular advancement class. By moving the jaw forward, the device will help hold your airway open. A more forward jaw position will prevent the collapse of your throat and hold your tongue out of your airway.

It is made up of two parts. One slips over the lower teeth and one over the upper teeth. Each part has a post. These two posts rest against one another in such a way that your lower jaw is held forward. But the posts don’t lock into place or otherwise restrict the movement of your jaw. You can open and close your jaw without interfering with treatment.

Protect Your Healthy Bite

One challenge of using a snoring and sleep apnea device is avoiding potential jaw stress. Most people with sleep apnea also have TMJ or are susceptible to it. A large snoring and sleep apnea device can potentially put stress on the jaw joints and muscles, contributing to a worsening of the condition.

But MicrO2’s compact design makes it a good option for people who might otherwise have difficulty with their oral appliance.

If you would like to learn whether MicrO2 is the right snoring and sleep apnea device for you, please call (248) 656-2020 or email us today for an appointment with a Detroit sleep dentist at Rochester Advanced Dentistry.