What is a Frenum?

A frenum is a thin piece of tissue that limits the movement of an organ or a body part.

What complications can be caused by a frenum?

  • A short lingual frenum (under the tonque) can restrict the movement of the tongue, can cause speech difficulties referred to as tongue tied.”
  • A thick upper labial frenum (in between the two upper front teeth) can cause a space between the two front teeth
  • A short lower labial (between the two center teeth on the bottom arch) can cause the tissue to recede down the root/ exposing the root surface which can be sensitive this area is also more prone to decay and increases the odds of tooth loss

Treatment options are available:
When a short or thick frenum is causing problems either cosmetically, functionally or dentally often times a laser frenectomy is the recommended treatment. Using a dental laser the tissue is quickly and painlessly recontoured.


After 2 Weeks