Give Your Teeth a Luxurious Salon Treatment

If you want the best-looking skin and hair, you know that you have to treat it properly. You have to perform daily care and maintenance, with cleaning or styling, to make sure it not only looks its best, but also stays healthy. You may schedule regular treatments at a salon or spa to make sure [...]

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Fact of Fiction?

                            Answers True- If your enamel is destroyed, your body does not make more to replace it. Unlike other parts of your body - like your bones, for instance - enamel does not contain any living cells, so it cannot regenerate. True- [...]

Root canals connected to Cancer?

Recently an article titled:  "Shocking Connection:  97% of all terminal cancer patients previously had this dental procedure" went viral on Facebook. This article, which has been resurfacing on the internet since 2010,  makes claims that root canals may be a causative factor of terminal cancer. The title of this article alone is very alarming and [...]

Now we can communicate YOUR way!

We are excited to now offer our patients options for how they would like to be notified of upcoming scheduled and unscheduled treatment. Our new automated system will allow us to customize  a program just for you: patients who don't need a reminder patients who need frequent reminders patients who need last minute reminders text [...]

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Could Your Teeth be Affecting Your Confidence

When taking a picture, are you happy with the person smiling back at you? For many people, the appearance of their smile can affect their confidence, which in turn, affects how they interact with others personally and profes-sionally. Every time people talk, shout, smile, or laugh, their teeth are revealed to the people around them. [...]

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