TMJ Treatment


Donna is a returning patient that we last saw over 10 years ago that came back to us to reduce her symptoms (tinnitus, headaches, and neck tension) and to rebuild her severely worn down teeth. She had orthotic therapy to find her relaxed, comfortable bite, and to reduce her symptoms. She then [...]

How Wearing a Mask Can Cause TMJ Problems

For the unforeseen future, people around the world have adopted wearing masks while out in public until the pandemic ends. Since mask-wearing has never been the norm in the US, many people have experienced unexplained side effects like headaches and jaw pain from wearing masks frequently. While many speculate that wearing a mask decreases [...]

Can’t Sleep? Do you have TMJ pain?

Our Rochester, Michigan dentists have successfully treated patients suffering from headaches and an array of jaw pain symptoms, categorized as temporomandibular disorders (TMD), for over a decade. With growing clinical evidence connecting TMD to sleep breathing disorders, they are increasingly using proven TMD therapies garnered from individualized muscle tracking technology to successfully treat patients with [...]

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