Teeth Whitening

Charcoal Toothpaste: New Whitener or Newest Hoax?

For the most part, the dental industry resists most trends, but this has changed in the last year with the advent of charcoal toothpastes as a method for teeth whitening. But what does it do for your teeth? If you listen to Kendall Jenner, or other influencers, it’ll help whiten and brighten your [...]

Understand Your Options for Improving Your Smile

About a third of Americans are unhappy with their smile. But what can you do about it? The truth is that there are many options for improving the appearance of your smile, depending on what your concerns are. Here are some of the options that can help you get the beautiful smile you desire. Discolored [...]

What to Do When One Tooth Turns Dark

Most of the time when people experience tooth discoloration, it’s the entire smile that becomes discolored. And this is normally what we treat with teeth whitening. However, sometimes just one tooth will turn darker than the others. When this happens, teeth whitening is usually not the solution. Here are some of the [...]

Teeth Whitening Techniques to Avoid

We all want to have a beautiful, white smile. But for many of us, that can seem pretty hard to achieve. It’s normal for us to have teeth that are discolored as we get older, so we look for teeth whitening remedies to help us look younger and healthier. The good thing [...]

Will Wonders Never Cease: New Clear Coffee Won’t Stain Your Teeth

About 83% of American adults drink coffee, although just over half (54%) drink it every day. Since, on average, we consume about three cups a day, that means that those of us who do drink it every day are probably consuming a lot more to make up for those occasional drinkers. Unfortunately, that means that [...]

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