Restorative Dentistry

Clenching and Grinding Your Teeth at Night:Fact or Fiction?

Has a dentist told you that you clench your teeth at night? Ever wonder why your dentist is making these claims but you have never noticed any symptoms or been told by your significant other that you do so? Did they recommend a "night guard” or “occlusal guard” that you didn’t think you [...]

Acidic Beverages Can Weaken, Discolor Composite Fillings

If you are looking for tooth-colored fillings, we offer two options: composite fillings and ceramic fillings. Ceramic fillings are more durable than composite fillings. Now a new study highlights another potential weakness of composite fillings: vulnerability to acidic beverages. The study shows that it’s important to avoid drinking too many acidic beverages [...]

Problems with Piecemeal Dentistry

Most dentists offer what might be known as piecemeal dentistry. In this dental approach, a dentist looks at your teeth one by one, looking for problems. Then, when they find a problem, they fix it. Although this is a standard approach to dentistry, it’s not our preferred approach. That’s because it can lead to several [...]

Cracked Teeth Are Common and Can Destroy Your Smile

You might think that cracked teeth are relatively rare, but the truth is that they’re very common. Studies have shown that probably about two-thirds of people have a cracked tooth. And, a cracked tooth is the third most common cause of tooth loss, after gum disease and tooth decay. It’s important to understand how common [...]

4 Questions to Ask When Choosing Composite or Ceramic Fillings

For many decades, people knew the limitations of metal amalgam fillings, but didn’t really have good options to replace them. Now, though, modern technology has given us what some might think are too many options. When it’s time to get a filling, you can to choose between tooth-colored composite fillings and ceramic [...]