Porcelain Veneers

Understand Your Options for Improving Your Smile

About a third of Americans are unhappy with their smile. But what can you do about it? The truth is that there are many options for improving the appearance of your smile, depending on what your concerns are. Here are some of the options that can help you get the beautiful smile you desire.


What to Do When One Tooth Turns Dark

Most of the time when people experience tooth discoloration, it’s the entire smile that becomes discolored. And this is normally what we treat with teeth whitening. However, sometimes just one tooth will turn darker than the others.

When this happens, teeth whitening is usually not the solution. Here are some […]

Are Your Smile Concerns Just Cosmetic, Or Something More?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, you might decide to ignore the problem. After all, if it’s just a cosmetic problem, it might not be serious. But this is a mistake.

First, the appearance of your smile really matters. It can make a big difference in your personal and professional relationships, including […]

5 Key Questions to Ask before Getting a Chipped Tooth Fixed

A chipped tooth is an unpleasant surprise. It can not only be painful and embarrassing, it can really shake you up. After all, you thought your teeth were so strong and healthy–they shouldn’t be breaking like that.

We understand that the moment can be very stressful, but it’s important to take a moment and consider these […]

Why Porcelain Veneers Are the Best

If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry to get a smile makeover, there are many potential procedures that might be able to get you the results you’re looking for.

But with all the potential options, porcelain veneers are often the best. Here’s why this procedure shines–often quite literally–above the rest.

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