Porcelain Veneers

Plastic Veneers Fail, Ceramic Shines in New Study

With cosmetic dentistry, we can offer you many choices for getting a beautiful smile. This includes giving you a choice of materials to help meet your cosmetic goals. However, not all materials are equal–you might be sacrificing the appearance, durability, and more when you choose certain materials. 

That’s what a new study on […]


Emily had healthy teeth and gums, but was a bit dissatisfied with the way her smile looked. We took a very conservative approach after analyzing her smile photos, deciding on minor gum sculpting and porcelain veneers on only her upper lateral incisors. We also did […]


Ben wanted to improve his smile. He had some misalignment, chipping and off color older restorations that he wasn’t happy with. We were able to get a great esthetic result for Ben using a combination of ceramic veneers and crowns. What a great smile he has!