Patient Spotlight

Patient Spotlight: Lori Blaker Wins Business for Peace Award

Lori Blaker won the Business for Peace Award, commonly called the Nobel Prize for business. The award ceremony will be held on May 16 in Oslo, Norway. She is CEO of TTi Global, a business based in Bloomfield Hills that does, staffing, recruiting, and consulting for businesses with over 2000 workers on five continents. But […]

Patient Spotlight: Susan Randall, Chapter Leader, Healthy Traditions Network

Patient Spotlight: Susan Randall, Chapter Leader, Healthy Traditions NetworkIf you are searching to learn more about the farm-to-table lifestyle to create health and vibrancy for you and your family, Healthy Traditions Network might be the right resource for you.

Healthy Traditions Network, the Metro-Detroit Chapter of the Weston A. Price […]

Twas the Month before Christmas: Time to Schedule a Visit from Santa Claus

Santa FinnWhat is the one face guaranteed to bring a smile to every child’s face at your next Christmas party? Who can turn the stodgiest old co-workers into laughing, giddy children? What’s the perfect way to bring a festive, magical air to the family gathering? It’s none other than […]

Patient Spotlight: Brad, Making Your Coffee Smarter with VitaPerk

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For many Americans, coffee is an everyday ritual for helping you get up, get out the door, and get to work. But if you’ve ever looked at your cup of coffee and wished it could do more than help you get going, you’re not alone. Our patient Brad–who's […]