Nonsurgical Facelift

Dentistry that Shaves Years off Your Appearance

One of the biggest downsides of getting older is looking older. This is mainly because society perceives looking young as looking beautiful. Although this might influence you to look into plastic surgery treatments, expensive creams, and other treatments, we have a solution that helps you look younger, improve your smile, and doesn’t require surgery. A [...]

Considering Lift Edge Filler? Maybe a Nonsurgical Facelift Is Better for You

A common concern many people have about the appearance of their face is “resting b*tch face” (RBF). Essentially, many people think that they look like they are grumpy or angry when their face is in a neutral or relaxed position. This can make people think you’re an angry person, not want to approach you, or [...]

Jaw Exerciser Won’t Give You the Perfect Jawline, It Might Give You TMJ

People often advocate exercises to improve the appearance of certain body parts. And sometimes this can work. Buttocks, chest, stomach, and arms, for example, can be reshaped using exercise because these locations have large muscles that can provide definition. However, other body parts don’t always have the muscles that allow you to sculpt them. Your [...]

Facelift Scars: Expectations and Complications

Surgery involves cutting the skin, and whenever the skin is cut, you are going to develop a scar. This isn’t actually a complication of surgery: it’s an expected outcome. This means that when you decide to get facelift surgery, you are deciding to get scars. Facelift surgery attempts to minimize the cosmetic impact of scars, [...]

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