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Baby Boomers and Dentistry: Three ways to achieve and maintain dental health as we age

Baby boomers are generally defined as people born between 1946 and 1964 in the post WWII era. About 77 million Americans were born in this time period, making it significantly larger than the generations preceding or following it. Due to the number of aging boomers, about 10,000 are reaching retirement age every day! As Americans [...]

If You Noticed a Relative with Poor Oral Health Over the Holidays, Talk to Them

One of the great blessings of the holidays is getting to see so much of our extended family that we don’t normally see. With children, the results are often delightful. Nieces, nephews, and cousins have all matured dramatically over the last year or more. They have new skills and talents, and they’re becoming wonderful little [...]

Will Wonders Never Cease: New Clear Coffee Won’t Stain Your Teeth

About 83% of American adults drink coffee, although just over half (54%) drink it every day. Since, on average, we consume about three cups a day, that means that those of us who do drink it every day are probably consuming a lot more to make up for those occasional drinkers. Unfortunately, that means that [...]

New Study Links Dementia and Tooth Loss

Maintaining good oral health is the foundation of good general health. Infected teeth and tooth loss can cause a wide range of serious health impacts on many different aspects of health. Now a new study has highlighted the link between tooth loss and one of the most frightening risks of growing old: dementia, including Alzheimer’s [...]

Considering That New Facelift Procedure? 3 Things You Need to Know

If you think that you look older than you feel, you might have considered a facelift. But all the surgical risks, complications, and healing time make a facelift seem like a bad choice. So it’s easy to get drawn in by advertisements that claim you’ll get facelift results without surgery or with minimal [...]