Gum Disease

How Oral Disease Affects Your Entire Body

It’s an unfortunate consequence of having a separate doctor to work on your mouth from the rest of your body. It makes people think that oral health is somehow separate from (and maybe less important than) the health of the rest of the body, and when money, time, or interest are in demand elsewhere, [...]

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How Does Old Age Affect Teeth and Oral Health?

Aging can affect our teeth. Our teeth may succumb to changes in color, appearance, and even become loose due to bone loss over time. However, just because you’re becoming older doesn’t mean that your teeth should lose their functionality. With dental care from Rochester Advanced Dentistry, we can help your teeth continue to look [...]

Ice Cream or Ice Scream? 10 Reasons Your Teeth May Bite Back

Summer is a time of hot temperatures and cold treats, but sometimes, even the thought of biting into an ice cream cone makes people cringe and flinch. If you are one of these people, you know exactly how much it can complicate your life. Avoiding ice cream and popsicles in the summer and hot coffees [...]

New Evidence Supports Link between Gum Disease and Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer. While mortality rates have been dropping for all cancers, the survival rate for pancreatic cancer remains low, with just 10% of people surviving five years after diagnosis. Part of the problem is how difficult this cancer can be to diagnose. It doesn’t offer many [...]

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation More Comfortable

Anyone who has gone through traditional surgical grafting to treat receding gums knows that it can be a painful and involved process.  But now, dental patients have an alternative—a less invasive and more comfortable way to correct gum tissue recession and tooth root exposure without using stitches. This relatively new, less painful approach is called [...]

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