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Dental Implants

If You Get Dental Implants, Make Sure They’ll Be an Improvement

It’s common to assume that getting dental implants will automatically be an improvement over dentures, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes, you may invest in a dental implant procedure that won’t give you better results than you started with. Here’s a quick guide that […]

Do Supporting Teeth Have to Go When Replacing a Dental Bridge with Implants?

Dental bridges can be a good option for replacing lost teeth. Using your natural teeth for support, dental bridges give you replacement teeth that are fixed in your mouth and can function just like natural teeth.

Unfortunately, dental bridges are not forever restorations. They can last for decades, but, usually, […]

What Happens If You Never Replace the Provisional Crown on Your Implant?

These days, many people who get dental implants benefit from what is often described as same day teeth. If a dental implant is stable enough, it can be topped with a provisional dental crown or bridge the same day that the implant is placed.

Provisional […]

Having More Teeth Later in Life Reduces Your Dementia Risk

Many of us look forward to growing old–having the time and freedom to do what we want and live as we want. But there’s a shadow that hangs over our glowing dreams for our golden years: dementia. Dementia can make it hard, if not impossible, to enjoy the years we have left.

But now a […]