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A Fortune Cookie, Winning the Lottery & A Smile Makeover

A Michigan man recently won the lottery using the numbers that appeared inside his fortune cookie. While lucky numbers may not be very common, it makes us think about one thing, what would you do with the money? If you won the lottery, what would you splurge on? While a new car or a big [...]

Show Your Colors and Support #ChadTough

Rochester Advanced Dentistry has a lot of school spirit for both Michigan and MSU, and we know that true spirit isn’t just about cheering for football games, it’s about doing what we can to support our community, and that’s why we’re inviting everyone to come together to support a cause that’s dear to [...]

Patient Spotlight: Ben Jones

Ben Jones is a patient at Rochester Advanced Dentistry as well as a famous figure in the bowling and family entertainment center (FEC) industry. In a career that’s spanned 40 years, Jones has transitioned from freestyle skiing to bank loan evaluator, but no matter what industry he’s in, he’s always been considered a leader. From [...]

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