Are your teeth crowded, crooked, or tilted? Crowded teeth are not only a cosmetic issue, but can also lead to other more serious dental issues down the road. It is important that crowded teeth are straightened before permanent damage has been done to the teeth. Braces and other orthodontic options can be used to straighten your teeth, so it is important that you speak to a dentist to find the best option for your treatment.

Traditional braces use an arch wire to exert constant force on teeth to gradually move them into a straight alignment. At regular tightening appointments, the brackets on teeth are adjusted individually to alter the forces pulling them into place, typically by changing ligatures, the small rubber bands associated with braces. The arch wire can also be replaced with different sized wires to increase or decrease the constant force used to move the teeth.

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We also offer other common types of orthodontics, including:

Why Choose Rochester Advanced Dentistry for Braces?

If you are looking to straighten your teeth, it is important to consider the functional as well as aesthetic aspects of a straighter smile. Dr. Haddad has completed the Functional Orthodontic program taught by the world renowned Dr. Jay Gerber. Our dentists have both been trained in advanced bite concepts at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dentistry (LVI). We also offer other cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be combined with orthodontics to give you the great smile you have long desired.

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