Think all teeth whitening systems are the same? Think again. If you’ve tried teeth whitening but have been unhappy with the results, you owe it to yourself to try KöR Whitening. KöR Whitening is different from other teeth whitening systems and its results are visibly different, too. You’ll love the better whitening you experience and you can see the results in our before and after pictures.


Whiten Comfortably at Home

If you’ve used in-office whiteners at the dentist office in the past, you may have been annoyed at having to make a dental appointment to whiten your teeth. The appointment takes an hour, plus travel time, which is probably an hour you don’t have.

But with KöR Whitening, you can whiten your teeth while you sleep. In the morning you won’t just wake up with a brighter mood: you’ll wake up with brighter teeth.

“Seal In” Your Results

If you want to make sure your teeth achieve their true whitest color and really retain that brightness, we offer KöR Max. This is a one-time treatment that follows your two-week whitening.  KöR Max isn’t a gimmick with a laser light show: it’s a special application of very powerful whitening compound, so powerful that it can only be used under a dentist’s supervision. Just one treatment is enough to achieve your whitest possible tooth color. And then you can continue maintenance with the at-home system.

Better Trays for Better Results

Kor Whitening logoIf you’ve tried over-the-counter whitening systems, you know what a mess that can be. If you’ve used whitening strips, you know it’s hard to whiten all of your teeth at once, and you often end up with uneven results. And that looks even worse than when you started!

Even whitening trays in over-the-counter systems don’t work well. Some are premade and don’t fit well at all. Others are boil-and-bite, which can be hard to get right, and often don’t fit much better.

But with KöR-Seal trays, the fit is perfect. This is more than an issue of comfort and consistency of results–it impacts how well your teeth can be whitened. If saliva mixes with your whitener, the whitener gets diluted and won’t be effective for more than half an hour. But with KöR-Seal trays, saliva and other fluids are kept out so that your whitener can be effective for much longer.

Whiteners That Stay Strong until Use

Another problem with other whitening systems is that the whitening gel can become weakened before you get them. If whitening gel is exposed to heat, it degrades. This can happen to many whitening products, but it won’t happen with KöR Whitening gel. KöR Whitening gel is continuously refrigerated from manufacturing until delivery, so if you and your dentist also keep it in the refrigerator, it’ll be full strength when you’re ready to use it.

Even when refrigerated, the various components of whitening gel can activate one another, causing the gel to degrade with time. But KöR Whitening addresses this, too. It has a unique Tri-Barrel delivery system that keeps the three components of the whitening gel separate until you’re ready to use it.

Maintain Your Results

Once you’ve achieved your whitening results, you can maintain them for a lifetime–and you don’t have to give up coffee, tea, red wine, or any of the other things that stained your teeth in the first place. Periodic maintenance keeps your KöR results bright and beautiful.

See the Difference for Yourself

We understand that you might be skeptical. But the only way to truly understand what makes KöR Whitening different is to try it for yourself. To set up your KöR Whitening appointment in the Detroit area, please call

(248) 656-2020  today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Rochester Advanced Dentistry.