Why Choose an Electric Toothbrush? The majority of dental problems people experience including cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath are caused by the presence of "plaque" or bacteria that lives in the mouth. This bacteria gets more aggressive and harder to remove the longer it is left undisturbed.


For many patients dental cleaning are scheduled twice a year. As soon as the cleaning is completed the bacteria begins to rebuild in your mouth. So how do we keep the bacteria under control the other 363 days a year?

Good Home Care is the Answer!
Flossing at least once a day to remove bacteria and food from in between the teeth Using a tongue scraper to remove bacteria from crevices Brushing at least twice a day for at least two minutes In recent years electric toothbrushes have proven to be superior to manual tooth brushes. In studies electric tooth brushes have shown to remove 11% more plaque, reduced gingivitis by 6% and decreased bleeding which is a sign of infection by 17%. The drastic improvement in oral health can be attributed to a few factors: The bristles of electric tooth brushes move much faster then the human hand, the faster moving bristles are more likely to remove more plaque and break up more tenacious bacteria A good electric tooth will have a timer that alerts you when you have been brushing for the recommended time For children compliance is often better with electric toothbrushes For children and elderly patients or patients with medical conditions that effect dexterity electric toothbrushes are often able to clean hard to reach areas more effectively For more information on electric toothbrushes and dental care click here or contact Rochester Advanced Dentistry 248.656.2020