As we get older, the things we value can change. Things that used to seem so important to us no longer matter. But does life ever change so much that your smile just doesn’t matter to you anymore?

Probably not. At least, not as long as your life matters to you.

A happy man smiling while outside

Even If You’re Retired, You Probably Work

We know what a lot of people think about retirement. Once you’re not working, you sell your house, move to the UP, and spend your days fishing and your nights dozing by the fire.

But that’s not what most of us end up doing: when we retire, we often begin the real work. The work we love, what we choose to do because it’s our passion, not because it’s our responsibility.

This may be any type of work. Maybe you’re volunteering. Maybe you’ve even started a charity or kicked off a new commercial venture. But no matter what it is, smiling still opens doors. As you’re meeting new people to make this venture a success, your smile still determines in large part the first impression you make and whether people will trust you with their investment.

A Beautiful Smile Helps Relationships

But what if you’re finished with work, honest and truly? What if what you really want to do with your time is just spend it with the person or people who matter most to you?

This is another reason why your smile matters. If you’ve been in a relationship for years, they may say they love you despite the condition of your smile. But wouldn’t it be great to have them love you because of your smile again? If you’re feeling 70 years young, shouldn’t your smile look young, too?

But for many of us, the challenge is actually finding a new relationship at this time in our lives. There are many reasons why people are looking for new love in the later years of life, and if you are, your smile matters. Your beautiful smile still has the same power to inspire love that it did when you were younger, and it remains one of the most important features people are looking for in a potential partner.

Are You Prepared to Give Up Your Health?

Even if you’ve decided that the appearance of your smile doesn’t matter, it’s still important to take care of it. That’s because your oral health is closely related to your overall health. People with poor oral health are at a higher risk for many serious health problems, such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, stroke, and more. In fact, the number of teeth you have is a reliable predictor of how long you’ll live.

And we’re not just talking about heaping life upon life–having healthy teeth will help you really enjoy your life. Not only does it make you free to eat all the foods you enjoy, it helps you maintain an active life as you get older.

Your teeth and jaw provide essential stability to your core. It’s been shown that people with fewer teeth have a harder time walking and are more prone to falls as they get older. Having healthy teeth or dental implants with good occlusion makes it easier to lead an active life, no matter your age.

A Great Smile for a Great Life

Your smile is the secret to really enjoying life, whether you’re 24, 74, or 104! If you are unhappy with your smile, whether you don’t like the appearance or it’s unhealthy, we can help. Please call (248) 656-2020 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Rochester Advanced Dentistry.