Having a tooth removed may be recommended for numerous reasons; decay, infection and fracture just to list a few.
Often times this treatment requires immediate attention to prevent or alleviate pain or infection but there are few things you want to be aware of before having the tooth extracted.
How does having a tooth extracted effect you?

  • teeth always want to shift towards the middle of the mouth, by removing one tooth the rest of you teeth can start to shift depending on the location of the missing tooth
  • teeth erupt until they contact another tooth, it is possible for teeth opposing the extracted tooth to hyper erupt eventually leading to more tooth loss
  • sometimes a missing tooth makes it difficult to keep other areas of your mouth clean due to defects resulting in food and bacteria traps
  • missing teeth can make it difficult to eat
  • missing teeth can also result in jaw/ muscle pain due to a change in your bite

Replacing missing teeth is almost always the best possible treatment following the removal of a tooth. Many options are now available and should be considered depending on your particular situation.

  • Dental Implants– often the best solution to replace missing teeth, these are closest to natural teeth
  • Bridges- many different bridges are available but the most common attach a false tooth to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth
  • Dentures– partial and full dentures are removable appliances

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