Have you ever wondered what is inside your tooth? You might be surprised to know that your teeth have roots. The root of your tooth, along with dental pulp, veins, arteries and nerves, make up the inside of your tooth. In fact, if you’ve ever had a toothache, the pain you feel means the nerves of your tooth are working, telling you something is wrong.

This is where endodontics comes into the picture. Endodontics is another word for root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is used when the root of your tooth has become infected or decayed and needs to be removed. Years ago, root canals were very painful and required more than one visit to the dentist. Today’s advanced dental technology has made root canal a quick and virtually painless procedure.

Why is it important to have a root canal? The decay and bacteria inside your tooth must be removed, and your tooth must be filled with clean dental filler, or you may be at risk for losing the tooth completely.

The practice of endodontics is a highly specialized field that requires unique training and experience, because the inside of the tooth and the decay that can occur there can be a complex issue. If you’re in need of root canal therapy, be sure to choose a dentist with specialization in endodontics for expert management and the best outcome for your endodontic procedure.

In Rochester, Michigan, Dr. Jeffrey Haddad and Dr. Kurt Doolin of Rochester Advanced Dentistry assists patients in root canal therapy via endodontics. With vast experience and superior training, you can be sure your procedure will go smoothly, saving your tooth and restoring your dental health. Please contact Rochester Advanced Dentistry today.