If you’re thinking of replacing your missing teeth with a restorative dentistry solution, dental implants are one of your best options. However, getting dental implants from just any dentist won’t help you achieve the best results possible. Many factors can determine the success of your treatment.

To help you avoid making a big and expensive mistake, we encourage you to learn what happens when you get dental implants from the wrong dentist.

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Not Adjusting Treatment Plan For Available Bone

One of the biggest mistakes a dentist can make for your dental implants treatment is not adjusting the treatment plan for available bone. When you get dental implants, your dentist should place the implants in the areas of your jaw that contain the most bone density. The bone is what holds the implants in place. Therefore, if they’re placed in an area without sufficient bone, the implants have a higher chance of failure.

Not Considering Occlusion

Another mistake that dentists can make with your dental implants procedure is not considering occlusion. Occlusion is your bite and the way your teeth fit together. If they place the implant incorrectly, your teeth might not fit together correctly. As a result, you can experience TMJ symptoms such as frequent headaches and migraines, jaw pain, ear stuffiness, ringing in the ears, and more. Even if a dentist tries to resolve poor implant placement by adjusting the restoration, you can still face issues down the line. The poor placement causes uneven force throughout the bite and can cause the implant to start loosening and even break in some cases.

Placing Implants Too Shallow

Dental implants are supposed to replace the root of a tooth. If they’re placed too shallow they won’t accomplish this job as well as they could. A shallow implant also won’t leave enough room for the restoration which can result in food becoming trapped around the restoration. They can also feel less secure and have a higher chance of failure.

Not Enough Implants Placed

Not every patient has the same requirements as far as how many implants they might need. Although you went into your appointment hoping for All-On-4 implants, 4 dental implants aren’t always the best option. Depending on how much bone you have, your dentist should determine how many implants you need for optimal stability and security. Oftentimes, patients need a minimum of 6 dental implants to support a full arch of teeth. If you visit the wrong dentist, they will give you 4 dental implants without questioning whether it’s the optimal amount for your desired results. Down the line, you may experience discomfort and looser feeling restorations than you would have hoped for.

Not Planning the Treatment Using Advanced Technology

A good implant dentist in Rochester, MI won’t randomly place your dental implants. Instead, they will use advanced dental technology including a CBCT scan to plan your implant procedure. CBCT scans provide the implant dentist with an inside look at bone density in the jaw. With this information, your implant dentist can not just determine the exact location to place your implants, but also the angle they should place them at. At Rochester Advanced Dentistry, we use CBCT technology to plan your entire implant procedure. Our technology even allows us to place virtual implants so we can determine optimal placement. Then, when we perform the actual procedure, we have an exact roadmap to follow to produce amazing results.

Replacement Teeth Don’t Look or Feel Good

The implant itself is important but if you don’t like the way your replacement teeth look or feel, the implant might feel like a huge waste. We don’t want to just replace your missing teeth, we want to restore the appearance of your smile. Not all implant dentists have the same knowledge and experience of cosmetic dentistry as others. As a result, they might not take the appearance of your replacement teeth into consideration. At Rochester Advanced Dentistry, we put as much time and consideration into your replacement teeth as we do the implant surgery. That way, we can ensure you end up with a complete smile that looks and feels good.

It Costs More in the Long Run

When you visit the wrong implant dentist and end up with implant failure as a result of poor placement, it will cost you more money in the long run. You might think it’s smart to get dental implants from the most cost-effective dentist possible but it’s not. If you end up with replacement teeth that you dislike, you will have to pay to replace those. In addition, if your implants fail, all of the money you spent on your procedure will be a complete waste. Save yourself money in the long run and choose a high-quality implant dentist in Rochester.

Get Dental Implants From Our Rochester Dentists

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