Why should you worry about keeping your kids baby teeth healthy?

Keeping your children’s primary baby teeth healthy is important for numerous reasons. These teeth hold the space for the permanent teeth that will erupt later on.

teeth eruption chart

If the baby teeth are lost prematurely it can effect the eruption and alignment of all of the permanent teeth. This can lead to problems with function (speech, and eating) as well as cosmetic problems.

Why do you have to put fillings in baby teeth if they are going to fall out?

Parents always wonder why their dentist would recommend treatment for a baby tooth that has decay. As mentioned above premature loss of a baby tooth can cause a chain effect on the eruption of the permanent teeth. But decay is a disease and can spread, it is possible for the decay to progress to teeth that are touching the diseased tooth- primary and permanent. If the decay is left untreated it can reach the nerve of the tooth causing a great deal of pain or worse the infection can progress into the jaw bone holding the tooth in place and enter the blood stream.

Prevention is Best

Starting good oral hygiene habits with your children early by helping with brushing 2-3 times a day and flossing once a day will help to prevent cavities from forming. Also making good decisions about your child’s diet by limiting juice and other sugary drinks, instead offering water. And limiting treats such as candy or other sticky foods such as fruit snacks and raisins.

Find a Dentist

Your child should be seeing a dentist every six months by the age of 3. Make sure your dentist is child friendly, offering the most up to date treatment options and diagnostic tools. Sealants– protective coating for the grooves of the teeth Fluoride – helps to strengthen teeth, cavity prevention Diagnodent– early detection of cavities Tonsil evaluation– monitioring for possible sleep apnea/ snoring problems