Thousands of people suffer from symptoms caused by temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. Neuromuscular dentistry concerns itself with restoring the alignment of your bite in order to treat TMD and relieve your symptoms. Over the last several years, technological advances in TMD diagnoses and treatment have given neuromuscular dentists much more accurate and effective tools to help determine and restore your ideal jaw alignment.

In many cases, people who suffer from common symptoms of TMD do not realize that they may be related to misalignment of the jaw. The temporomandibular joint works as a hinge and is the only joint in the body that has two sides. When one side gets out of alignment, many problems may occur.

Using muscle relaxation techniques and advanced diagnostic tools like the electromyograph, Dr. Haddad and Dr. Doolin can determine what your natural jaw alignment should be and develop a treatment plan to restore your ideal alignment to eliminate your symptoms.

Depending on your specific situation, Dr. Haddad or Dr. Doolin may use one or more of the following treatment options to restore your jaw alignment:

Many people see a reduction in pain almost immediately, and as your treatment progresses, complete elimination of pain is possible. If you suffer from chronic pain, even if you do not feel it may be related to TMD, seek a neuromuscular dentist trained in the latest technological advances in TMD treatment to diagnose and treat your pain.

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