Dr. Jeff Haddad and Dr. Kurt Doolin were invited to the 2008 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles this year to showcase the new athletic performance enhancing Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM). At this prestigious event, they had the opportunity to meet and socialize with many of the biggest athletic superstars in the world.

Athletes, especially, are benefitting from the PPM™ because by holding the jaw in its optimal position, the PPM™ results in improved vertebrae alignment, better balance, and increased upper body strength. This revolutionary jaw appliance is being discovered by some of the top athletes in every sport and anyone who is serious about improving their athleticism is a prime candidate for the Pure Power Mouthguard.

Some of the athletes that were present at the ESPY’s were Superbowl champion quarterback Eli Manning, Terrell Owens, Braylon Edwards, Brady Quinn, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, Florida football coach Urban Meyer, Plaxico Burress, World Cup Downhill skiing champion Lindsey Vonn, and NBA champion Boston Celitic Ray Allen.

Since the ESPY’s, Dr. Haddad and Dr. Doolin have personally fit Terrell Owens, Braylon Edwards, Brady Quinn and Lindsey Vonn with the PPM. “Watching our favorite football stars using our appliance has been amazing!” says Haddad. The Pure Power Mouthguard is based on neuromuscular dentistry which Drs Haddad and Doolin focus on in their practice. The same muscle relaxation and technology is what they use to treat patients with migraine headaches, jaw pain, and TMJ or TMD. They have fit numerous other athletes, professional and amateur, with the Pure Power Mouthguard and they are seeing significant improvements in strength, range of motion, and balance.

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