Meet our patient Toni, owner of The Books Connection of Shelby.Toni and her family transferred herefrom Chicago over 15 years ago. Since her children were both in college and graduated she decided it was timeto find something new to devote her time to.Toni’sdegree is in design and when she wasn’t finding any opportunity in that field she went hunting for other possibilities. Since she had always enjoyed reading the book store seemed like a perfect fit-she opened her store 15 years ago.

The Books Connection of Shelby is a small neighborhood bookstore that has the ability to fill your reading needs just like the major chains. The Books Connection has access to new releases, best sellers, not to mention about every book in print. The difference is that they offer discounts on everything. They can assist you with the answers to all your questions with friendly personal care. They also offer out of print book searches.





Whistling Past the GraveyardThe Fault in Our Stars
1000 White WomanOlaf
Silver StarWho Were Books

(ex. Who Were the Beatles)

Once We Were BrothersOcean
Orphan TrainOn the Night You Were Born

Contact The Books Connectin of Shelby

Address: 52924 Van DykeShelby Twp, MI 48316

Email: Business Has Closed

Phone Number:586-731-6601

Website: Business Has Closed

Hours: Monday – Friday 10AM – 6PM Saturday 10AM – 3PM